summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2017

what's wrong with this picture????!!!

I like to read the news, to know what's going on in the world. But oh my goodness, things are so backwards sometimes. A lady had a baby, and her boyfriend, in secret complicity with the hospital staff, had the newborn dressed in a onsie that said, "Will you marry me?", and when the new mother opened the swaddling blanket, she was so surprised! Yahoo news! Is it just me, or is this a little out of order?

I am not being individually critical of anyone. I'm really not. But let's not just pretend it's all okay.

Abortion has been in the news lately too. Your tax dollars funding procedures you may or may not support...but have you ever actually looked at a Planned Parenthood site and read about the abortion procedure? It's started out by assuring the pregnant patient that it's perfectly normal to have one, 3 out of 10 women have one by the time they're 45. It actually said this on the random local site I looked at! The description of the whole procedure is too awful to write about here, but not once does it refer to the baby as a baby. If it's been 12 weeks since your last period, the procedure will go as follows...(gently suctioning..., ect...) Then to my horror,..."if it's been 16 or more weeks since your last period, then...." Seriously.

Lots of people have opinions about things. Women have rights, ect. But I told my little girls a little bit the other day, as we went on a walk, a rough outline of what abortion is. I spared them the gory details of course, but I felt I needed to teach them about it.

It is spoken of as, "a reproductive right."

Did you ever stop and think about how wonderful this world would be if there were no sin? If each and every person, when tempted to sin, endured that temptation, said NO, and was good instead? There would be no lying. No stealing. No assault, murder, or rape, no greed or evny, or corruption. If each and every person on the earth got a connection to God, and lived to please Him, the trickle down effect would be a peaceful earth.

Because the problems in this world are not because of laws...or lack of laws, or because of this country or that country.

I cannot change the world, obviously. I can't change anyone but myself. And I am working on that, one temptation at a time.

This fine day, I am heading out the door to babysit for a few of my brother's grandchildren, he has an appointment. Kathryn doesn't work today so she's staying here with Camille, who still has a fever. (Cam's doing better though, she made herself a whopping bowl of oatmeal, and at the whole thing.)

Yesterday, we mostly stayed home, except for walking home from the collision shop after dropping the van off, then walking up there to pick it up later...which was interesting. We brought Sunny the first time, she was fine...then Suri the next time, and she was not fine. As we got close to the highway, she started really pulling at the leash...then she actually pulled me so hard, I fell! Flat! I hit two knees, one hand, and my chin. Chin, right in the gravel. Yeah, I started crying. I'm a big girl, and big girls fall hard. Jonny was so concerned, I collected myself pretty fast and said I was fine. But all I wanted to do was hide in the bathroom and cry. Suri is not used to being around the traffic, I guess.

In the afternoon, I took Suzanne and Evelyn to the vision center for exams and new glasses. It was a different doctor, and he asked Suzanne if she was the youngest. No, she said, I am the twelfth. He didn't understand her at first. When he did, he looked at me, and said, "You have TWELVE CHILDREN?" Suzanne answered that no, she also has 4 younger siblings. He was floored. Asked if we were Amish. I could see him looking for my newly grown horns. It was rather embarrassing.

Anyway, Mali and little Lydia met us there, and we enjoyed their company. Lyd played at the little playground in the middle of the mall, she climbed up those steps and went down the slide, then got knocked over by another little girl at the bottom of the slide...she was broken hearted until the little girl hugged her and said she was sorry...Lydia liked the hug so much, she broke out in loud crying again when it ended, and the other girl rushed back over and hugged her again, making Lydia stop immediately and smile her cheesy little smile. It was adorable.

Anyway...time to get moving. Van trouble again, shop in town this time...engine light...rrr.

p.s. I just want to add that obviously this is my blog, and all opinions are my own, and in no way should reflect on anyone but me.:) (sometimes I just have to vent.)


terre said...

you go, girl!!! you remind me that i have grandchildren that need to learn this lesson about 'life' in the near future. i want then to know from childhood (like my 4 did) that abortion is wrong on pretty much any level. JMHO...

PamL said...

I so agree with seems that no one even blinks an eye anymore when there are babies and random couples, planning to get married...or not. Why bother? It's depressing. One other thing I noticed just recently, reading a book, about a mom with two kids. She was telling all about her life before she got married, and there was no shame in telling about all her and her boyfriend's adventures and trips together before they got married. And of course, they lived together before they ever got married. It's so hard to fight. We have to remind out kids all the time about the proper order of events...they certainly aren't seeing it anywhere around them!

I have 7 children, ages 18-2, and I also think it's embarrassing when someone makes such a big deal about family size--people have no manners! And it embarrasses the kids.

So sorry you fell- that is never any fun!

I enjoy your updates!

Marilyn Reid said...

Hi Della ....... I'm sorry you had that nasty fall 😥 It gives you such a shakeup AND it hurts!! Yes there is lots of interesting news these days...........lots of things about your new president 😫😫 oh my..........!!! .I hope your little Cam is feeling better soon. And little Lydia is such a darling 💖 I hope the van is fixed for you soon. It is awful without your vehicle. We each have an SUV but if one is in the shop it can be such an inconvenience for everyone. You are always so busy with the kids too. Have a great day! I guess your day is almost over now, isn't it 😂😂

Marilyn from Canada.

Suzanne Townes said...

Agree with everything you say.