summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

emily's day off

My oldest daughter is a full time RN, working on the trauma floor of a large hospital. She goes to college part time also, and lives here at home. She is planning on taking a leave of absence in December, and going to do volunteer nursing in another country for a year. Here's why this is sad: she is my firstborn, and I don't want to miss her! She has been on other excursions, she lived across the country for 6 months a few years back, volunteering....

She is just so nice to have around when she's around. She likes to do things with the little ones. She is on spring break from school, so with a day off today from nursing, she is really here! Why is that exciting? I won't have to juggle Jonathan, Charlotte Claire, and Camille all by myself.

Charlotte Claire got her cast off yesterday. Okay, she hates vacuum cleaners. We still vacuum with her around, but she scrambles up on the couch when it goes on. Or runs out of the room. So the device to remove the cast is a huge vacuum with a cutter on the end of the hose. They had to hold her down. She was terrified. But the expression on her face when they took off both sides of the casts, and put them together: surprise! It has been part of her for 5-6 weeks, and she looked so shocked to see it off! Then she started itching furiously...dry skin on her leg. And she still hobbles...

We had two days of warm weather here in the Northeast. It feels just so good to breathe the warm air. But alas, snow and sleet and freezing rain for this afternoon.....But heck, it's March, pretty soon I'll be putting away 20 pair of boots and getting out 40 pair of sandals......little girls need lots of different sandals....and shoes, and sneakers. When you come in our house, you enter right into the kitchen. It looks like someone just dumped a few boxes of footwear.....we DO have shelves, but they are are the coat-hooks. So the toy bench is stacked 2 foot high with coats, and when the kids get home, backpacks. This house is great for about 7 kids, but not big enough for 16. But I survived yesterday here, I suppose I''ll be okay today.

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Emma said...

Though I'm not sure if my mom would be as full of praise for me as you are for your Emily, I too love helping her with my younger sibs. Having a relationship with each of them is so important - and they get more 1:1 time when us older ones help out. Thanks for writing about your amazing family.