summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2018

anyone else very merry?

So this is the tree Paul came home with, he took Miss Char and Miss Cam, and twenty dollars later, wow. It needs a few trims still, and a few more ornaments. Charlotte Claire was the boss of decorating, she had a vision. The other girls weren't home, as there was a basketball game at the college (fundraising).

Paul and I had a mostly quiet evening here with the little girls, and also with Lydia who came to spend the night. Wulf was here too, and he liked that Christmas tree!!!

Today we're having a family dinner here, after church. Suzanne and Sonja are going to their cousin Grace's birthday, and Jonathan is in Ottowa this weekend playing hockey. It seems like there are less people here to help get ready for these events, yet more tan ever to attend them, ha. I am making a ham dinner, with roasted sweet potatoes and red skinned potatoes, applesauce (I buy the no-sugar-added jars of it, then add lots of cut up apples, a bit of sugar and cinnamon on the top, and bake it. We're also having broccoli and rolls. I made cut-out cookies on Friday, so have lots of them to frost, when will I do that? Hmm, if I wasn't sitting here blogging, ha.

The bins of decorations are still sitting here and there are piles of things stacked in places they shouldn't be. The floors need sweeping and mopping, but the dishes are mostly done and the counters clean. I am NOT going to let stress about getting things done ruin my day, or my life.

Grumpy and miserable: I could be both, but I choose neither. I am actually both by nature, but I choose to believe that God has caused all things to work together for my good, and I am not a slave to sin. I refuse to waste my days complaining.

And it's not smooth sailing. There's more to do than I can shake a stick at, and I'm no spring chicken. I have a knee with issues, and it's my good knee. My sinuses are backed up, I'm dizzy and have a headache. There are crawling babies coming over today, and the floors need to be babyproofed. The Christmas tree holder thingy broke with a loud crack last night, but we didn't know exactly what the noise was, we thought it was just the tree settling in, but oh no, there is water all over the floor under the tree. I need to pick up the cute fleece blankets I sacrificed for a tree skirt, and wash them, and mop up all that water. We now need to get a new tree stand and somehow transfer this already lighted and decorated tree into it, or perhaps we'll call the Grinch and ask him to help us undecorate it.

In any case, I am not happy because all things are going my way, zippity do dah. I am happy IN SPITE OF things NOT going my way. Because life is short, and God is good.


Anonymous said...

“ because life is short, and God is good! “ Thank you for the post! So much in this post resonated with me. “I refuse to waste my day is complaining “ I too am no spring chicken. And I struggle with have Everything just right! But Jesus is the reason for the season!
And that’s what I keep reminding myself in times of stress. Thank you for your post again.
Blessings from Orlando Florida, Darla

Tereza said...

Sigh . Yes I hear ya!

Michelle in FL said...

I love your attitude. Life is too short to waste being grouchy. Hope you all enjoyed your family dinner together. I am thinking of making ham on Christmas, mmm...:)

terre said...

della - can i copy this and share it on my fb...just the last paragraph. i will credit you, of course?


16 blessings'mom said...

Terre, of course you can.
Michelle, the ham was so good, we demolished it. I love having company, sort of hate it at the same time, but I don't listen to that part, and it's good.:)

Tereza, what in the world would a mom of lots of kids do without God's grace?

Darla, it's a daily battle to say no to that anxiety and stress, but it is a good fight.