summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

molly rose gets married....

The cupcake table...

Ben and Ashley's house...all the furniture moved into the other room, and the carpet rolled up...Evelyn did most of the decorating, with Margaret.

My Molly Rose, my seventh child, my little rebel. She has chosen her own course in life, she has had her challenges. She is a registered nurse, she graduated from high school a year early and went to college, started working in the hospital right after college. She had Lydia three years ago, and still managed to work full time since Lyd was five weeks old. She is a good mommy, too. She met Joshua, and they both knew from the first minute they were meant to be. They pledged forever to each other, and it makes my heart happy. She deserves to be treated so well, he's a true gentleman.

Lydia walked down the aisle first...

Paul walked Molly down the aisle...

The Mr. and Mrs.!

Me with two of my granddaughters...Miss Anya and little Lydia.

Four of my daughters (well, five, Abigail is in the background...)with my other granddaughter, Elise. (Cam, Char with Elise in the front, Sonja K. and Emily in the back)

Paul and I with our eleven daughters!

With our sons Jonathan, Benjamin, and new son-in-law Josh...and Jon holding baby Wulf. (Joseph had already left, and Samuel and Aaron didn't make it to the wedding...:( )

Phew. It's over. It was so nice. This day, wow, what a day. We got up early and headed out the door on a quest to find Charlotte Claire a new dress. She's a growing girl, from a child to a beautiful young lady just overnight! She tried on some of her dresses and I almost cried...she's just gotten so big. So, off we went to the small city, to Marshall's, where she found just the right dress for fifteen dollars. Jonathan also went, and found a secret Santa gift for the boys' party this Friday, and some nice Adidas sneakers for $24, for Christmas. I feel bad making him wait, but who just gets new sneakers two weeks before Christmas?

We got home, got those meatballs in the oven, the girls took showers, I washed my tangly hair, and we packed up our cupcakes and headed over to Ben's house. We stopped at the pizza place in town, the best pizza in the world I'll venture to say, and picked up three large. We got to Ben and Ashley's by one, and just got home a bit ago.

The meatballs were really good, in the crockpot with barbecue sauce. Ashley made Buffalo chicken breast chunks, and Emily brought cheese, crackers, more cheese, grapes, oranges...Josh's mom brought these twice baked salt potatoes with bacon and cheese and some other dips and stuff. We had punch, and of course the cupcakes.

I did try some of the cupcakes, why not? I figure your daughter gets married only once, ha. (Only two of my eleven daughters are married!)

Anyway. It was quite a day! Ashley is the sweetest girl. She made so many pots of coffee, and was so gracious about the complete taking over of her home for this event. She has a busy little one year old (Elise), and Anya the kindergartner, so she is a busy mom. And Benjamin came right home from work and started setting up chairs.

The kids have all gone to bed for the night, I am up all alone. I need to get some sleep too. Lydia is coming bright and early tomorrow morning:) And in the evening, we are going to the pool with Abigail, it's her real birthday tomorrow. And I keep saying I need to go to the pool. So we have a date.

I have so many more things to do, but I need to recover from this event first. Sunday is our church Christmas feast, 80+ people, and I am buying the food for that. Friday night we are doing a cookie bake where everyone brings dough and bakes together.

And...I have totally backed off from my Christmas preparations here! I have so much wrapping to do! And I've lost track of some things I think I've bought, so I need to brainstorm and write things down! The days are flying by!

And, Samuel and Grace and baby Grant are coming up this coming weekend to stay here!

Ah well.

Can I just revisit the cupcake subject? They were SO good! The vanilla recipe, oh dear, yummers. The frosting was delectable. The chocolate ones were really good too. I sent a dozen for Molly to take to work, a dozen for Josh to take to work, and brought home about a dozen. They are calling me, but I am not lis-ten-ing! I will not eat anymore! I only had about one and a half altogether. The vanilla was actually better. But no more. No more.

Anyway. Goodnight!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Molly & Josh! They look so happy, wonderful!
Love the photo of the groom in socks ;))


Susan said...

What a beautiful wedding, so tastefully done! Mali looked gorgeous and very happy. Thank you so much for sharing such a special event!

Michelle in Florida said...

What a simple, lovely wedding! Molly is a gorgeous bride! You have a beautiful family, very blessed. And you look so pretty in your dress. The cupcakes look delicious...please feel free to send me some, ha ha! :) I don't know how you can resist them calling out your name...I wouldn't be able to.;)

Rose Sperlonga said...

Everything looked so beautiful. Simply elegant! Gorgeous family... One lucky mama!

And the cupcakes look so nice!

Rose )