summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

and the waiting continues....

We haven't heard from Samuel, but perhaps No News Is Good News. I think he would have called if he had failed the PT test and wasn't going to graduate. I think. So I start thinking that way, and go on in my planning, after all, we are leaving in six days to drive to Georgia. It's a 19 hour drive, and there are kids staying here who need meals and clothes picked out. Joseph is sending the two little girls to school four mornings, and he can't very well pick out their clothes for them. Their hair is going to look lovely enough. I want to send them with a little sign around their necks that says, "my big brother brushed my hair." And this is assuming that he will brush it, and not say that it looks fine like it is.

Anyway, I have things to do, if I am indeed going on a trip. There is a church conference that starts right when we will be returning to New York, and I have to buy the candy for the candy store. Four of my girls are going on the trip with us, and they are already trying on dresses for the graduation, they are so excited, yet aren't totally sure if they should be so excited. I keep hearing this question: "Mom, did Sam call yet?", and I keep saying Not Yet.

And I am not just sitting around wondering, either. Between general housework and laundry and and and, today I went shopping with Kathryn. We had to stop at the library to get some books, then to get my glasses fixed, the arm broke off. We meandered through the horrid mall, and bought Sonja K. a $6 skirt in Old Navy. Kathryn found some $6 jeans, too. We went into The Children's Place and didn't find anything cheap enough, then in Charlotte Russe where she found a lovely skirt for five bucks. We went into a huge shoe store so Kathryn could look at all the sneakers she cannot afford, and I could look at all the shoes that I cannot fit my fat feet into. We stopped for a coffee on the way out, and then started our grocery shopping....

BJs for chicken and cheese and coffee and Peanut M&M's and butter and bananas and deodorant. Then to Price Chopper for bread and peanut butter and juice for Charlotte's field trip to the science museum on Thursday, and bagels and chicken and turkey lunch meat and brown rice. Then...home. Ah, home. But there is No Rest For The Wicked, and none for me either. We put away groceries and I switched laundry and assigned the girls to make brown rice and cut up tomatoes and olives and and and, while I grilled some beef. I have not bought beef/steak in a long time because it has gotten so expensive, but it was on sale for $2.99 a pound. We sliced it up really thin and had it on fajitas with peppers and the other stuff. I just had a huge salad with some. yummers.

It seems like I have been going non-stop, yet I do nothing, ha.

Tomorrow I am babysitting for the baby of a friend. She is a lovely and sweet little thing, and she likes to be held when she sleeps, so I am not planning on getting much done. I was going to take Evelyn to the thrift store, but I guess I won't. I am looking forward to having a baby in my arms again, even just for a day:)

It was hot here today, but my silly kids wouldn't go in the pool because they saw a frog jump off the ladder into the water. You can't see to the bottom yet, the filter has been running all day, but there are still leaves in there, and the white fluffies from the cottonwood trees just floats down like it's snowing, filling the pool and clogging the filter basket. Anyway, they did not want to swim with a frog. A harmless little frog, says the mom who wouldn't go in either....

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