summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day!

I spent a good part of the day working at the concession stand at the ball game, which was crazy! Crazy busy! Oh my goodness, the lines were long, we couldn't keep up. People were mostly nice about it though, and being busy made the day go by fast.

So...Sam MIGHT graduate this week, but we don't know until he takes his test on Wednesday. That means that if he passes, we have to start down there right away so we can be there on Friday morning. I checked hotels in the area, and most of them are already booked up. I found a decent one and reserved it for two nights, but I have to cancel by 4 on Wednesday or get charged for the first night. So. If Sam doesn't find out, or take his test by then, I will have to cancel and figure out what to do next. I will also have to make arrangements Just In Case, for the little kids, ect.

Ah, life is interesting.

My house needs to be cleaned. I got home Friday night, late, from Virginia. I left Saturday morning early for the church conference, and got home late last night. I got up this morning and worked on the pool, did laundry, washed some dishes, ate breakfast, and...went to the ball game. Home...I was too tired to do anything when I got home. Standing on the cement floor in the concession at the stadium really does my knees in. But, it was fun.

Here I am, feet up, little kids in bed, happy to be home, but looking around at lots of stuff that needs to be done.

We have no milk, no popcorn, hardly any apples or fresh tomorrow, grocery store. And clean the house. I do not like cleaning the house, but I like the house clean. :)

Oh. One more thing. Margaret was a nice big sister and made cupcakes with Charlotte Claire and Camille. Chocolate cupcakes. Oh my goodness, the heavenly aroma of baking chocolate....I did not have one. No sir. But before you start applauding, consider that on the way home from the baseball game today, I had a Mix In. If you don't know what a Mix In is, be happy. Because to know it is to love it. It is from Dunkin Donuts, and it is a large cup of soft serve ice cream with tiny miniature really cute baby M&M's in it. Mixed In. I wasn't going to get anything, just treat Joseph for going to the game instead of going to play practice, like he wanted. And Stevie and Adrian, boys from church, who really appreciate things like that. No, I was just going to buy, not HAVE. But. I had. And I ate the whole dang thing. So I skipped dinner. I don't know if it helps to cancel it out, but I did anyway.

Now I unravel the thoughts that led to me thinking it was fine to eat something horrid like that, I am pretty certain it was my consolation for working so hard, my celebration of a sunny day with friends, I earned that ice cream! But, that is not really true. I deserve to treat my body with respect, and eating ice cream is not good for me. Oh, at the baseball stadium, we are allowed to eat whatever we want when the game is over. There are fried chicken tenders with this sauce, called, "Boom Boom" sauce, oh joy. Today I ate a few of those, only two fries, no salt potatoes, no sausage and peppers, and not even a single bit of a pretzel or fried dough. Yup, fresh hot fried dough with cinnamon and sugar. I knew better than to have one bite, that stuff is just deadly good.

Anyway. All things considered, I guess the ice cream wasn't really that bad after all....


Susan R said...

Hi Della-I want you to know that I get a great deal of wisdom from your blog. Your attitude is very inspiring to me.
You are neither fat nor ugly-your spirit is beautiful.

16 blessings'mom said...

Thank you, Susan, you are too kind.