summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, June 29, 2014

in which she writes about the summer days....

No one cares about all the boring details, but I will say this: it is hot. Right now, at 10:46 pm, it is 80 degrees. It hit 90 today, and I was working at the baseball stadium, wearing that horrid elbow length bowling-style shirt, all thick polyester, and ugly. Not that Ugly makes one hot, but it was pretty warm. I worked yesterday too, all afternoon and evening. Phew, it was hot.

But. May I mention how much fun I had? See, we work at the Chicky Fry stand at a baseball stadium for our church. We volunteer. Our youth kids were all at a camping trip in Pennsylvania with the Detroit kids. So, the old people had to work this weekend. Last evening I worked with Angela, it was just too much fun. We put ice down each other's backs to keep cool, and discovered if we sneaked up on one another, the scream it produced was too funny. Our knees were screaming too, Angela has extra bad knees, but she was a trooper. (working for 7 hours on that cement floor...even one with good knees is achy.)

Anyway. I brought my three youngest over to our friends' house, friends who have three children, and have moved here from Norway. They packed up lots of stuff and spent the night there because I knew I would get home from baseball really late, and no one was here to watch them. When I got home from the game I stayed up even later with Mirielle, then slept in this morning...well, more like lying there feeling all the aches and pains....when I got up, Mali was here. We ate breakfast together out under the trees in the front yard, then floated in the pool for a while until I had to get dressed and go to another baseball game.....

Home, and all my camping kids are home now too. Margaret went out and picked up the younger kids from our friends' house. One of them informed me as soon as I walked in the door about how they threw up last night in the night. Oh dang, sorry!!! I asked the child..."Did you make it to the toilet?" no. oops. sorry.

Those younger kids of mine had the time of their lives. The camping kids did too. I also had a nice time, working with my friends....

Now it is quiet. Mirielle is working, the kids are either in bed or watching a movie, the dogs are asleep, and my eyelids are heavy....

I am thankful.

I am happy.

My feet ache.

It is hot in here.

But it is summer! I am here with my kids, and we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow!

The house is....a bit messy again. But I won't think about that tonight. :)

I miss Paul. He is in France now, and will be for the next two weeks. The only good thing is that I can look SO forward to him coming home again.....

And Samuel is going to his Fitness program tomorrow, finally. His orders got lost, and found....ah, the government:). It is going to be 97 degrees this week down in Georgia, so I will be praying for Sam. He may not come home right away either, after he finishes. He might go right to his duty station in the Old Guard in Virginia/Washington D.C. I miss that kid so much....


Martha said...

I like summer.

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16 blessings'mom said...

Summer, it's just too short. Jon said today, "Mom, I always thought summer lasted a lot longer..." I thought, "Welcome to growing up, son." Kathy, today he left for Fitness Training Unit, they are going to whip him into shape, get those push-ups down. He will be tested next week, hopefully then he will pass and within a few days head home for leave. We are praying his orders stay the same, as being in Washington D.C. is so close to us, and will be just his thing!!! Thank you!