summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have NOT quit blogging.....

Our internet hasn't been working, and I am not about to blog on my phone. I am hopelessly horrible at typing on that tiny keyboard.

So here's the story of the day. I got up and, like a good girl, went on my walk. I brought Suri, which seems logical, but she changes my walk. From a peaceful zone-out session, where thoughts can just flow and my brain can relax, to a train-the-pup-to-walk-on-a-leash session. She definitely needs practice, she is a quick learner, but dang it is painful sometimes. She smells the deer and the turtles and the foxes, she snuffs in the grass and stops randomly to pee and sometimes jerks the leash so suddenly I almost fall over, especially if I am in the gravelly stuff on the side of the road.

Anyway, back to the story of the day. We were walking towards home, both of us panting for a drink of water, when over the last hill I saw in front of our house...flashing lights. Dang. But I quickly realized the lights were only yellow, no fire trucks or ambulances or police cars. But the Telephone Man and his friend were there. Two trucks with flashing lights, just to fix our internet. Seems they came first thing in the morning but no one was up....the little girls actually let them in the house, but Telephone Man said he realized no one else was home and just left the new modem there. I told him plenty of people were home, just not quite awake yet. oops. The little girls apparently told them that, "no one is here but us." Smart girls. Smart mom. Now, the Telephone Man DID all this morning to confirm someone would be home, Evelyn just said, Evelyn who was in her room when they came.

Anyway. I was horrified. I mean, after I get back from my walk each day, I clean up the house. Sweep up and tidy popcorn bowls from the night before. Pick up the random 55 calorie beer bottle that was on the table next to my chair. But, I hadn't done these things yet, and argh, the Telephone Man saw it all. Not that he hasn't been here before, but. I was still a bit mortified. Why oh why can't anyone ever stop in right after I have cleaned up?

Today is Evelyn Joy's 14th birthday. She is my eleventh child, sometimes I call her Eleven instead of Evelyn. She is a force to be reckoned with, Miss Evelyn. she is outspoken and capable and intolerant of excuses. She has her own style, and always looks nice. We are going to a movie tonight, "A City Of Bones", if she finishes the book in time, which she certainly will, she got in the mail from Target yesterday. Tomorrow evening we are celebrating with burgers on the grill and ice cream pies, which she made yesterday.

Today we are going to also celebrate, as our tradition is to drag those birthdays out for a few days. We are going to the beach or to a bakery or something. We shall have a discussion and decide. I have kids nagging at me to get off of here and decide, no matter that I haven't been able to blog in days and am suffering from having too many stories jumping around in my head, begging to be told.....

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momto9 said...

Oh the popcorn bowls! How familiar. I'm still trying to house train out puppy! Frustrating but he's so cute. At least he is starting to sleep at night more often than not.
I think the telephone man will get over it:):)