summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, December 8, 2019 a mom of sixteen, allow me... brag a little bit. I'll preface this by saying that God has been extremely good to me, and without His help, guidance, and without our dear friends, I don't know where we would be.

I decided to write another bragging post about my kids because recently one of my daughters received quite a promotion at work, and wondered if anyone really cared about it. Well, MOM cares!

Emily: my oldest, just got back from taking the two youngest and cousin Danielle on a trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to visit some of their friends. Emily is a Nurse Practitioner, a homeowner, and a true saint. She plays guitar and clarinet. Plus, she's tons of fun. Give me a day with Emily, the best gift there is. A trip with Emily: nothing can top it.

Abigail: My accountant daughter, lover of all things orange (even her car!), all things warm and fuzzy, she lives with Emily (and Mirielle) in their house in town. She has a HUGE heart for the younger kids too. She is hilarious, and she has been extremely helpful in getting Miss Sonja to the gym for her independent gym requirements this year.

Benjamin: If I were giving out awards, Benjy would get Most Improved, ha. He and Ashley have their two little girls (Anya and Elise), and live in a big, warm, welcoming house. Ben is honest and hardworking, and is always on board to help/encourage his younger siblings. He is also very witty, and too much fun.

Mirielle: Here I am bragging and I don't know what her official title is, but Mare is a registered nurse, working towards her master's degree, she is a specialist in chemo, works with cancer patients, which is a very challenging job. This daughter of mine is strong and outspoken, faithful and good. She is a beautiful girl, and does not tolerate disrespect. And oh she can sing!!!

Joseph: As my favorite child, Joseph can do no wrong. I see him through rose colored glasses, but even when I take them off, Joe is a pretty good guy. He is married to Bethany, they bought a little house in town, and he is an artist. He draws and he plays his guitar, and he works out, and they have a dog and a kitty. He and Bethany come over frequently so their pup can run around with Sunny and Suri. Joe is a tenderhearted guy, very sweet and kind, and also very funny.

Aaron: I do not see this one enough! He and Riley live in California, and he is a registered nurse at Stanford University hospital. He's snarky and witty, but also so kind and compassionate. I love spending time with him.

Molly Rose: Molly is also a registered nurse, she works mostly 12 hour night shifts. She is married to Josh, and is mama to Lydia, and is expecting a baby girl next month. Molly is one of those beautiful girls who doesn't realize how lovely she is. She is wicked funny, and her first priority in life is to be a good mama to Lydia, and she is succeeding. She graduated from high school a year early, at 17, and went straight to college/nursing school. She started working right after graduation, and has worked continuously ever since. I am extremely proud of her determination and independence.

Samuel James: Sam is married to Grace, they have a little son, Grant. Sam: Army Reserves, true patriot, WWII expert, outspoken advocate for freedom and rights, hilariously funny, he could be a stand up comedian. He is the BEST dad, a good husband, and a very respectful son. He keeps in touch with us, and is working towards moving back from Virginia to central New York, in the summer.

Margaret: She's married to Adrian and they have little Wulf. Marge is a working mom, working from home, while Adrian is part time work and full time college student. They are very busy, Wulf is very busy. She is also the very best mom, and a good, solid friend. She doesn't spare the truth, she will never ever backbite anyone, she holds firm to her beliefs, she walks the walk. She takes good care of herself, and makes the best of what she has. She is a giver, and is extremely musical, plays the piano, and sings beautifully. She is also very spontaneous and funny.

Kathryn: Married to Darius, and expecting that baby boy like last week, Miss Kap is such a good girl. She quit her job a few weeks ago, to rest up and get ready for baby. She in in terrific shape, and keeps this place so nice. She is strong and smart and motivated, and is going to be a great mommy. Her sisters miss her terribly, and hope and pray that someday she will move back to the east coast.

Evelyn: Miss Evvy, I am so proud of her. She is working full time AND going to college full time, mostly online classes at this point. She just bought her first car! Evelyn is a planner, a worker, always has good ideas and loves keeping busy. She is an excellent girl to spend time with.

Suzanne: Miss Suze is one of my favorites. She crochets beautiful things! She is one of those nice big sisters, she loves the "little girls". She is respectful and kind hearted, but also can be sarcastic and witty. She has plans to go to college when she figures out what she actually wants to do in life. She is moving to California next month with her boyfriend, Zech. I will miss her terribly! While I hope she does well, I also hope she doesn't stay out there forever!

Sonja: Sonja K., our own ginger. She not only has beautiful hair, she has a beautiful heart. She is funny and fun, and is growing up too fast. She just passed her driver's test, and is in her senior year of high school. She is in a medical program at the hospital, for students interested in a career in medicine, and has witnessed a birth, some surgeries, and has spent time in the emergency room and at the old folks home. It's actually quite fascinating, the hands on approach to see what the students are interested in. She plans to be a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Jonathan: Jon is a rare kid, a truly good guy. He is honest and hard working, and learns things very quickly. He loves hunting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and being outside, hanging out with his friends (friends who are also good guys...they don't smoke or drink, they are decent and clean cut). He can keep a secret, and give good advice, he is wise beyond his years. He can mock and tease, but is quick to apologize if he crosses a line, and with so many sisters, he has learned to navigate carefully, ha. He still homeschools, and has plans to be an engineer or go into HVAC. Whatever he chooses, he will succeed because he is a hard worker.

Charlotte Claire: Miss Char is in 8th grade, and is on the high honor roll. After homeschooling for five years, phew, I am glad she is doing well in school. She's into Kpop, Korean pop music, and likes to dress in oversized shirts and high waisted jeans. She loves the dogs, and talks to them in a hilarious voice. She is too cool for her own good sometimes, but when you're 13 these days, you do know a lot. She is a sweet and kind girl.

Camille Anaya: The baby of the family is 12 now! She is also on the high honor roll, 7th grade, after homeschooling for five years. She plays the clarinet in the school band, and had her first concert the other night (I missed it!). She also likes Kpop, and is a sweetie pie. She gets streaks of attitude sometimes, which breaks my heart, but she has to grow up, no matter how much I want her to stay little ha. She is quick to learn, and can read at a 12th grade level (according to the school). She doesn't love school as much as Charlotte does, but she has only missed one day this year, the day they were snowed in in Winnipeg.

And that does not conclude my bragging, not yet, because there is one person who made all of this possible...
Paul: my dear husband. He sent me flowers this week! We've been married for 35 years, and I still have a crush on him. Marriage is hard work, and there is forgiving, forgetting, and tolerating, but when you love someone and want things to go well for them, want to bless them and be good to them, it's worth the work. Paul has truly been the backbone of our family. When I freak out, he's rock solid. He has the solutions to the practical things, and the standard answer around our house is, "Ask Dad." He answers to God first, and that faithfulness has made him a humble man, responsible and tender hearted. I am very thankful for him.

The youngest five are the only ones still at home, and with Suzanne moving next month, it'll only be four...25% of them. Evelyn does come home some weekends, and the others visit frequently.

So I'm still here in Oregon, having a nice relaxing time. This morning, I put beef and carrots in the crock pot, will make the potatoes later so they don't get mushy. We'll probably go to church later, and then tomorrow, if things don't happen today, that baby might possibly be nudged in the direction to be born. Kathryn has an appointment for a stress test, and if one little thing shows up that is of concern, she will be induced. If all is well, she will be scheduled for later in the week...and I'm leaving on Friday night to go back to New York.

It's been good to be here, but I find myself wanting to do projects and bake and wrap presents...I've ordered so many things online, they are at home stacking up and I'll have to sort and wrap when I get home. Maybe today I'll bake these guys some more cookies...


Rose Sperlonga said...

Your kids sound beautifully rounded, well mannered and have quit the impressive resume's already for life! How nice is that? And you can pat yourself on the back for that. They didn't get there on their own. So kudos to you for raising such super stars!


Anonymous said...

You really need to do a little bragging on yourself! You don't know me, but I have been reading your blog faithfully since Camille was tiny. I am just amazed at how you have raised such a loving, mature, and successful group of children, and at how you managed everything during the years when they were all at home. It is obvious that there is so much love in your home. I hope you never stop blogging.

Laurie in California

Billie Jo said...

I loved this post!
So nice to get to know your children!!!!
You have so much to be proud of!!!
Yay, you!!!
Good luck with the new baby.
Hope you are snuggling soon.

Cheryl said...


Susan said...

I loved reading this Della! Over the years that I have been reading your blog what has impressed me the most is how the older kids are so involved with the younger ones. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.♥️Susan

Marilyn said...

Hi Della! Such a lovely tribute to all your children. You have every reason to be so proud of each of and Paul gave them roots AND wings. A beautiful family 💞

I do hope that little baby makes his appearance Grandma can snuggle him for a few days. Nothing like the smell of a new little baby. For 13 years I cuddled babies in the NICU.......l got my baby fix every week, and just LOVED it!! I love little babies 💞💞

Have a wonderful day!!

Marilyn from Canada

16 blessings'mom said...

Rose, Laurie, Billie Jo, Cheryl, Susan, Marilyn, thank YOU for reading, and for such kind comments.
We are heading to the hospital this morning for a stress test, possible induction, we'll see....pray for Kathryn and the baby, it means so much!

Michelle in Florida said...

You are so very blessed:))