summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

too much shopping...

With Miss Sonja K.

Fitting in a shopping trip with the girls proves to be difficult sometimes, what with them having so many evening activities. Yesterday we were watching the twins here in the afternoon, but Evelyn Joy insisted she didn't need anything from anywhere, so she would be the babysitter. She said she looked forward to it all day at school. I hated to leave, those twins were so cute coming in and exclaiming over the "puppies" and the Christmas tree...Sebastian said to me, "Remember we had a sleepover?", as he sat on my lap giving me a nice hug. Considering that they were here for 10-12 days, yeah, I do remember. And I love them. They want to bring their blankets again, and I say, do it!

Anyway. We wrested ourselves away from their cuteness and left them with Jon, Char, Cam, Ev, and Joseph...ha. We stopped at the library to drop off books and pick up one Paul had ordered. We went to the dreaded mall. First stop, DressBarn. What an unfortunate name for a store! Dress Barn, where all the cows and pigs come to get dresses. This cow tried on a dress, it was lovely (and a size 14!), and it was on the 70% off rack. But it rang up only 50% off. So I embarrassed the daylights out of my four teenagers when I told the lady I would think about it and maybe be back later. I liked it, but for that price, didn't love it. Then to Sears. My girls don't much like Sears, nor do I, but I thought they might just find the dressy clothes they needed for the Christmas concert...they tried some things on, but nah...I tried on five dresses and ended up buying one.

Old Navy. We got a few people crossed off our shopping lists, and the girls found themselves some good stuff...nothing like knowing your own Christmas gifts, but it's better than me buying them stuff they won't wear. And they are good shoppers, I'm talking shirts for $2.97 and $5.00. A few more stores in there and we were all malled out...I did see what I want for Christmas though...
Two yellow lab pups in line to get their pictures taken with Santa! They weren't for sale...I was the only one who would have liked to stay and watch their photo shoot.

Next, food. The girls were starving, and I was hungry too, even with my avocado/kale/coconut milk smoothie with berries. They were thinking McDonalds, I suggested Chipotle, where I can get a salad with chicken...and lots of fresh salsa, and the cooked peppers and onions...yum. We still went to McDonalds, because Suze wanted nuggets:)

Then to Burlington Coat Factory, to try on more clothes for the concert...we had a little luck...Evelyn was texting me saying Camille missed me and wanted to know when I would be home. Then to Target for leggings and a dress for Sonja and some Christmas presents for their secret Santas, ect. Then a quick run in to the grocery store for more avocados, bananas, bread, and lettuce.

Home. Home, where I check my email after putting things away and notice that my Target order from earlier in the day, which had gotten messed up and stuck and froze...had gone through after all. I hope only once this time...last year, I had a problem, and the same order shipped seven times, charging our card over and over again...I had to go return all the stuff quickly. It seems this one only went through once...but I bought some of those items in the store last night, thinking the order didn't go through...more returns I guess.

I feel like I am done with shopping now. We spent too much last night, even though we carefully considered each item, and I put things back left and right. It adds up so quickly, and with so many on my list, ugh.

Anyhow. Home today, and it's cozy in here with Camille on the arm of my chair...she misses me so goodbye for now...


Lisa said...

Christmas shopping was so much easier (and more fun) when the kids were all little. They were always happy, happy, happy with everything. I too have had teens pick out their own clothes that I then wrapped up and gave them on Christmas. It feels like cheating, but I had to face the fact that what I find adorable, they just roll their eyes about (and then don't wear) and who needs that? We always score great deals at Old Navy too. In spite of all the great online deals and clearance deals I've scored, I still feel like I'm spending far too much on gifts. Don't even get me started on stocking stuffers - lol. I think I'm ready to be done shopping and wrapping and just hang out at home baking now :)

16 blessings'mom said...

I feel the same done with shopping...I baked molasses cookies yesterday and managed to freeze one dozen of them, and cut out cookies today, freezing another dozen. Being stuck in the house with all these cookies is an extreme form of torture for me.:) But yes, little kids are much easier at Christmas....