summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, February 21, 2013

good morning! daughter Mirielle is turning 23 tomorrow. I am pretty sure it's 23...let's see, Benjamin is 24, so yes, it's 23. Suzanne's birthday is the day after Mirielle's, and she is turning 12. But, they will both be gone all weekend to the young sisters' weekend at church, so...we will celebrate Suzanne's tonight...without Mirielle, because she will be at school late, until almost midnight. She has clinical at the hospital...late tomorrow too. So. I will try to do something for her on Sunday evening.

Anyway...I want to make a nice meal for Suze tonight, but she won't tell me what she wants. Evelyn just woke her up to try to get her to go shopping with us, but she didn't want to get out o bed. She just said, "Don't get anything gross."

Hmph. Of course I wouldn't. But one girl's gross is another girl's yum.

Suri is chewing up a Starbuck's cup...Aaron must have stopped there yesterday. Tereza, you wondered how you can tell if a dog will turn out good. I have no idea. I thought when we got Rosie, she would be a gem with kids. Sheepdogs are supposed to be. I was hesitant to get another dog after her, especially because I loved her so much...but my mother-in-law insisted that Labs are good dogs, and good with kids. In this case, she was right. Before we went to pick up Suri, I googled things about Labs, and it seems they are rarely aggressive, especially the females. I know there are exceptions to every rule, and how a dog is raised will factor in too, but this dog is a keeper. She still has some learning to do, but she is smart and quick and just so sweet. I don't like how much she barks when people come over or knock on the door, but she does it while wagging her tail. I think she needs to be socialized more, so when spring comes along, I plan to take her to town and walk her.

The thing about getting a dog is this: it is a huge commitment. It is expensive, for one. Puppy shots and spaying or neutering, flea treatmets and heartworm medicine...the vet bills from Suri's accident have been over $1400. And she still needs to go in soon and be spayed. I believe when you get a dog, it is a lifeftime can't just change your mind and get rid of the poor thing. And, the dog needs to be a part of the family. Not necessarily taking up all the room on the couch like spoiled Suri, but at least not out in the cold, tied up.

Well...Evelyn awaits our departure, she is ready and here I sit. We have to buy a birthday present for Suzanne, and Evelyn suggested Slytherin robes, only 90 bucks, she said. I do not think so.

When little girls grow up, it is much harder to buy those birthday presents. No more grabbing a Barbie from the closet.

It is too cold out. The wind is blowing, it is snowing a bit still. There were a few more inches of fluff to play in with Suri this morning. It is hilarious when the snow is new and soft, and I throw a stick for her and it sinks in. She sticks her whole face in and finds that stick. She loves running around burrowing her face in the snow, coming up with a white beard. Anyway, I do not relish the thought of going out and about in this cold....but it must be done. I am taking the princesses, a bit reluctantly, to tell the truth. I think they have more fun staying home and playing, and they are so silly when I want to just get things done...but. They remind me to stop and smell the roses, and I love the perspective they have....everything is fun to them.

So off we go....

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