summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, December 8, 2023

merry Christmas to me...

 ...oops, I had better tell Paul that I bought myself a Christmas present.  Remember early in the year when I found that had some of their sandals half off?  Well.  I somehow checked on there again the other day, and four different pairs in my size...I left them in the cart, half hoping they would be out of stock when I checked again, but no.  I had to choose, and did I really need them?  Need.  No, not need.  But would they be extremely useful, comfortable, and neat and clean and not old and shabby like the ones I wear all the time?

 There were dove gray soft nu-buck leather Arizonas with big buckles, looked a bit too clunky for me.  Then matcha green soft leather with soft footbeds, too specific.  The  creamy off whites with off white bottoms and shiny straps, adorable, but....they stand out too much.  I like blending in... so the sandcastle colored soft beds...

...were my  choice.  I like them, they're plain, and I like the straps.  I wear my Birkenstocks from the day the snow melts the first time in the spring, all through summer and fall, then wear my boots or sneakers.  I wear them for years.  I did buy a pair in the summer, lavender ones, and I love them. So I bought something I love, right at Christmastime, it feels rather selfish, but shh, I am so excited about them.  

This fine day, Sonja and I, with Miss Camille, set out to do a few things in the city.  I picked up some coffee for my friends for Christmas, then we went to BJ's.  I bought a few gifts in there, including birthday gifts for two December grandsons who are having a party next week.  We went to Marshall's where I got a daughter's birthday gift, and another daughter's Christmas present.  Then to Starbucks because they had 50% off any beverage this afternoon, with the app.  

Home....ah, home.  Kathryn got here right after we put things away.  

Sonja had to take a nap, she went to work tonight.   Rhys wanted to nap too!

We had taco salad for dinner, then I wrapped some presents.  It's quiet in here now, and I have to get to bed.  Charlotte Claire is still doing homework, 11th grade and lots of college classes, challenging.  I was supposed to make my cookie dough today, but didn't get to it.   I'll make it tomorrow.  Goodnight. it's Friday morning.  I've been to the pool, and it was fantastic to get back in that water after a week.  A nice hot shower afterward, and home....ahhh home.  Yes, there are things to do here.  I have yet to vacuum, and I need to do a load of laundry, and I haven't made my cookie dough yet.  I should have done it yesterday and been baking today, but one of my super talents is the ability to put off for tomorrow what I could do today.  I will make that dough, after I vacuum, and bake those cookies...tomorrow...I don't need them until Sunday.  

Margaret is coming over with her kids for a bit, we might go out and about to get a few birthday gifts for their cousins, and maybe to see Santa, too.  Have a good day!


Mari said...

Shoes like that are worth it, because you can wear them for so long. Glad you got them. Some day I will have to try Birkenstocks. I've never tested them yet.

Linda said...

I wanna see Santa!!!! ((grin))--have a beautiful day friend.