summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, April 26, 2024

one way or another...

 I am not good at choosing.  I dither and blither, then rue and regret.  So bear with me while I ponder which camper to buy...

Camper A:  I have not seen this Starcraft in person yet.  I am driving over an hour today to see it, all by my lonesome.  The asking price was $9,000, went down to $8,400, I offered seven, they countered with $8,000.  It's a 2013, sleeps five maybe, has small holding tanks, but comes with weight distribution hitch and a solar panel. 

This is the original Dream Camper, it has only two sleeping areas, the long part of the couch does not fold out.

I do like the windows around the dining area, so bright.  It's a light camper too, 3,200

Camper B, which I went to see yesterday:  It's also a 2013, asking price $9,000, said they might go down a little.  It's a foot longer than A, a few inches wider, has sleeping area for 8, with four separate sleeping areas (the two ends pop out, the couch folds down, and the dinette too).  It does NOT come with a weight distribution hitch, or a solar panel, but the awning is brand new, as are the tires.  It looks like the clear winner, but:  the floor had a soft spot, so the guy put down 1/4 inch plywood, then new luxury vinyl looks great...but I wondered WHY the soft spot, because if there's water damage, whoa!  He showed me pictures of the floor, and told me it was an issue with this brand and model (Jayco Jayfeather Ultralite), where the flooring would sink down at the seams.  He said he reinforced the seams before putting the plywood down.  Plus:  he's an engineering teacher.  But, this worries me a little...He also installed marine-grade outside speakers, and a little charging station for phones.

The couch is smaller, but it folds down.  Small grandchildren could sleep on it:)

Also, the bathroom has a sink in this model, the one I haven't looked at yet doesn' you wash your hands in the bathtub?   As you can see, I am leaning towards this one, this seems to be the actual Dream Camper.  It helped so much, actually, posting the pics and the pluses and brain has been swirling, and you know what?  I'm not sure I'll drive all the way down to look at camper A...because I rather like camper B...

In other news, not terribly too much going on around here...but here's a mini heartbreak:  Sonja is going to try on wedding dresses today with some sisters and a friend...and not me.  I was kind of shocked when I heard about it, kind of hurt...doesn't she want me there?  But apparently the place only allows four to accompany.  I didn't make the cut.  ouch.  

I didn't write this to throw her under the bus, she's got a lot going on, and she's never done any of this before, maybe she thought it wasn't a big deal to me, I don't know.  I am certainly not going to hold it against her.   Ha, this is the sort of thing that gets me into trouble with my girls when I write about it, but hey, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

Anyway.  I offered the guy eight for camper B, we'll see what he comes back with.   It makes sense to get the bigger one, right?  I am super excited about it.

I'll be going to the pool in a little while, then enjoying this beautiful day.  It's only 35 degrees right now, was colder when I got up this six o'clock, thanks to Mr. Meower.  

The sniffles and sneezing have calmed right down, I'm feeling so much better already.  I almost wonder if it was/is allergies.  

Oh, the carpet guy was here yesterday, and our stairs look so nice!  The padding is nice and thick, and they're quiet and luxurious, and poor old Suri can navigate much easier on them now.  There are still bits and pieces to finish up around here, but is a house ever really finished?  It seems like a constant poop-show of projects, the necessary ones coming up and out shadowing the more fun upgrades...something breaks, it jumps to the head of the line, leaving things like putting trim around the floor in the foyer FOREVER at the bottom of the list.  The melted siding on the side of the house where the grill was too close, when we first moved here over 30 years ago...meh.  Then the main's getting old!  I'd love a new vanity and sinks, but it's not quite on the list.  Sometimes I run things through this system:  It didn't kill me yet, so I think I can live with it.  But when and if it finally gets done, oh it's wonderful, like the trim around that kitchen window, was absent for YEARS, he surprised me by finishing it when I was in Norway, in March, along with new trim around the floor of the kitchen cabinets.  

Anyway.  There will always be something to do, and the trick is to stay motivated, but also be content and thankful.  I recently saw a photo of a coal miner's wife and child, from way back when, she was smiling, and their kitchen was an absolute dump.  The little boy was so scruffy and bedraggled, but she had some bread in pans on the table, and was happy.  

Funny story:  Kathryn's little Achilles was counting the other day, he got to nineteen (I don't know if he skipped any), and she asked what's next?  He said, "Ready or not, here I come!"  too cute.

Camille has been coming to the rec center with me, she works out in the gym while I swim.  She is steady, doesn't miss a day.  Charlotte Claire is on school break this week, so she'll come too.  

Tomorrow is our Yard Clean Up Day.  Lots of the older kids are coming over to lend a hand.  Evelyn wrote a list of what needs to be done, and it's exciting.  I'm so thankful for these kids of mine.  I will be grilling hot dogs and coneys and have chips and lots of strawberries, cotton candy grapes, and some blackberries.  The grandkids will be here too, running in and out of the house, and making things fun and exciting.  

Next weekend...Ocean City with Emily, Abigail, Sonja, Charlotte Claire, and Camille...:)


Marilyn said...

Good morning!

Both those campers are nice aren’t they? I think I’m with you on B mainly because it is a little larger…extra bed etc and I know you will have other people there too at times. How exciting for you ☺️☺️

Maybe Sonja wants the dress to be a surprise for you too 😊 I’m sure she wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Our packing and sorting is coming along. I’m not sure how we would manage without our kids. My daughter the nurse has sold loads of things on her FB group. My other daughter says she’s the Queen of Let’s Make a Deal!!! It’s rather fun actually.

Anyway you gave a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Terri D said...

"Ready or not, here I come!" That is SO cute!! I love how y'all have so much fun. The campers both look great but the slightly bigger one is a good choice. Keep us posted!! Have a fun weekend with your sweet kiddos!