summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

sentimental to the extreme?

 When I heard that the Price Chopper supermarket in our area was closing, what?!  I haven't gone there in the last few years as much as I used to, but it was my go-to for on sale meat.  During the lock-down, when we didn't actually lock down, most stores around here had limits on meat, like One Package Per Family.  During that time, we had six of the kids living here, and Margaret and Adrian came frequently.  Price Chopper would have crazy deals, like steak for $1.99 a pound.  I would ask if they could pack up a big package for me, and they always did, and so kindly too.  It was technically One Package.

Years ago, the kids would sit over in the cafe area while Cheryl and I shopped, sometimes we would get them pizza or some chicken strips, made them feel grown up to be own their own for a bit, the older ones.  Back in the day, I would go in the store with my baby wipes box full of shopping was difficult, but we tried to make it fun.  I remember Aaron and Molly bringing Camille in her red stroller, and pushing her up and down the aisles quite fast.  I remember going back an aisle for something forgotten, and the kids were playing full-on football with a roll of paper towels, they were supposed to be getting something for me.  When the older ones were young, they gave away free balloons for kids in the floral department, and free cookies at the bakery.  So it was quite the outing to go there.  

Somehow the kids figured out that they could order French fries and onion rings back at the fish counter.  They would absolutely FILL one of those styrofoam containers for $1.99, enough for all of them.  They would be dancing around, Mom, Mom, Mom...(me, rifling through my coupons...) Mom, can we get fries?  Yes, but you have to go order them.  So they did.  Not every time we went, but often.    

Now the aisles are all but empty.
No more meat department.

A row of empty registers.  The store is closing on Friday, and I've been meaning to go in there to see how it was going, but I didn't expect the total Zombie Apocalypse look.  

Yesterday was a fun day with my friends, Linda and Janette.  We went to Burlington, a store that I have found nice dresses, in the past, but no such luck this time.  I did find a Little Tikes baby swing for either my swing set or the tree in the front yard, for $19.99, and a dog bed for the same price, which the cat is sleeping on right now.  (We knew we had to replace the old one, it had a few holes and was just downtrodden...well, when one of those sweet doggies (or a kitty, not sure!) decided that bed was a good place to...regurgitate... down into the holes of that bed...nope, can't clean it, away it goes.)

Price Chopper was next, and no, I didn't cry, but the word melancholy came to mind.  The past was so rich and fun and busy and I honestly have so many good memories of that place...ask Abigail about the time we ate chicken wings in the truck after shopping, and the cart boy came along and asked us, looking right at her, if they were good...I answered yes, excellent!, with a big smile...not realizing how much sauce I had on my face...oh my goodness...we laughed until we almost died.  There was an older man who worked there, who asked me once if we had a pet rabbit, yes we did, he had a huge-0 package of feed that he didn't need, he said he would bring it next white van pulled in to that parking lot, and he had that bunny feed.  He was such a nice guy.  They also employed special needs people to bag and get carts, and I made some really good friends through the years.  

Anyway.  Next we went to the thrift store, which is always fun.  I found some sweet grandchildren clothes, but not much else.  Then, into Tops really quickly for just a few things...then home....but not for was Activity Club night!  I made bacon and eggs for dinner, ate mine as fast as I could, then went to pick up Lydia and Ophelia...they live south of here, and AC is north of here, so it was a driving day.  

Ophelia was a happy girl!  I didn't get a pic of Lydia.

This morning after the pool, Camille and I went over to Costco. There's a stretchy denim skort thing I got there recently, and I love love love it.  When I saw it marked down to six dollars, I did buy one more.  We needed toilet paper, and found a really nice dog bed, who would have thought Costco would have a dog bed for less than half what the other stores sell them for?   Camille wanted some pierogis, and I picked up a chicken, and some fresh strawberries.  

Suri approves of the Costco bed...

Home...ahh, home...but not for long!  I had to babysit for Kathryn's little ones.  They were SO good.  It helped that I brought a toy in my purse, a Hatchimal set, add water and the eggs hatch, different little animals are in them.  Achilles was very impressed.  (I got it after Easter for 75% off).  I also may have had some cookies and a few jellybeans...:). 

Home again, but not for long!  Our brand new washing machine that was coming on Friday, eight days after we chose and payed for it, well:  phone call today, your Home Depot delivery will arrive on May 15th.  um, no, no thank you.  It's been hard enough going without a washing machine, not another month!  I called and cancelled the order.  Then Paul and I went to Lowe's and chose a different one, a top loading Maytag, no bells or whistles, not the biggest but not the smallest.  I am so bad.  I found myself longing just a wee little bit for the matching dryer.  Our dryer is fine.  It's not perfect, it's kind of old, and you have to hit it in just the right place to get it to close all the way.  But we do NOT need a new one.  Then there are the stacking ones...which make your laundry room roomier...ooooh, they are nice...but we don't need those either.  I'm super glad I could make a quick u-turn from those thoughts, and just be thankful and excited for what we're getting.  

I've always believed the more you have, the more you want.  The less you have, the more you appreciate things.  It seems like people want to get more and better and newer and sleeker and updated, using up their days and years..."I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and indeed all is vanity and striving after the wind." (Eccl. 1:14).  

Home again...on a dark and rainy night, super cosy in here.  Paul and I had salads and Costco chicken.  I melted butter with hot sauce and plopped my chicken right in there on the stove for a few minutes, mmm.  Dessert was Aldi brand Two Good yogurt, 2 grams of sugar per serving.  I added three sliced strawberries, some coconut, and sugar free whipped cream.  

Tomorrow, the carpet measurer will come, then I might go in to the small city and try to pick out something reasonable.  I am hoping to paint the upper kitchen cabinets tomorrow too.  

Wulf and Tennyson are spending the weekend here, so I better not get too tired out.  

My sister has made it safely to Australia, as I mentioned, and she wanted me to thank you for prayers for her journey, as it went well.  She is very thankful for that.  :)

Have a good evening!

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Mari said...

Sad to see that store closing. They were good to you!
You are so right about the more you have, the more you want. There's a verse - "Godliness with contentment is great gain". So true! But it's hard sometimes.
Glad to hear your sister arrived safely!