summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

teeny tiny newborn leaves....

 I think my very favorite nature thing is when the leaves are born.  The buds are there, then no matter how you try to watch to see it happen, when you're not looking, there are those little leaves.  It reminds me of decorating a cake, you're all finished with the flowers, then you have the green frosting and you're filling it all in, frothy little greenery.

Paul mowed the lawn yesterday, while the septic guys did their work.  Yes, another new septic pump for us, to the tune of at least a thousand dollars.  It's our hard water, apparently.  Paul calls it The Happy Homeowners.  I call it Never Getting Ahead, but what can you do?  At least we were able to do it, what if we couldn't?  

Yesterday after the pool, Kathryn picked us up, Miss Cam and I.  We went to Marshall's, I was looking for birthday presents for Jonathan, April 30th, Sonja May 3rd, Charlotte Claire May 11th, and Joseph May 16th.  I found something fun for Sonja, a little something for Char, and a baby present for our friends' new baby.   One of my little luxuries is bar soap, the Australian goat's milk soap, with that distinctive aroma, I love it.  

We went to Aldi too, just for a few things, then stopped for a coffee, and home...ahh, home.  The guys were working right in the back yard, so I didn't want to lounge on the deck in the sunshine, well, I DID, but I didn't.  I had wiped down my white kitchen cabinets the other day, and noticed some scuffs and nicks, so I decided to change into paint clothes and touch them up.  

I ended up just repainting them, the bottom drawers and cupboards.  It was shocking the difference, once I got going, I mean, we don't smoke or anything...and I keep them wiped down, but they look so new and crisp.  It was six o'clock when I finished, and oh dear, I didn't feel like making I made some quick chicken soup with chicken and broth from Sunday's instant pot chicken, added frozen veggies and made a pot of noodles on the side.  The upper cupboards need to be done now, I have to get up on a chair to do those, so it's for another day.  I'm leaving the paint on the counter so I GET TO IT this week, ha.  

Today, though, is a Fun Day.  I have plans with my friend Linda, thrift stores and Burlington.  Janette is coming too.  It's going to be a beautiful sunny day, and I'm excited.  

The carpet measurer is coming on Thursday to measure the stairs, and the new washer is coming on Friday.  I still can't believe we bought a brand spanking new one, I hope it lasts for years and years and works amazingly well.  

In our small city, we lost two police officers, they were shot by a man who fled a traffic stop...had been doing lines of coke.  Sonja works in the city at the hospital where they were brought for autopsies, and when they released their bodies yesterday, she was leaving work.  She cried her eyes out when she told us about everyone stopping and standing at attention...their families were there and all the other officers stood and sad.  She had a sad day.  She's working on the pediatric oncology floor now...

Ah well, I have to get moving!  Have a really nice day!


Mari said...

I love new leaves too!
Good job on the painting. I have white cupboards too, so I know what you are talking about. I'm impressed you still made supper. :)
So sad about those officers. I'm sure it was so touching to see everyone standing at attention.

Anonymous said...

So sad about the police officers! I love when I can take part in honoring a fallen officer or soldier though - even a moment of silence or stopping my car is so right to do.
We haven't had trouble with septic, but our well pump and our kitchen sink drain are suffering from our hard water. I'm nervous about putting another sink in our new addition - the leaks have been such a trial. Happy homeowners indeed!

Terri D said...

God bless your Sonja for working with kids in the cancer unit. That has to be sad, too. I'm glad the officers were honored for their sacrifice but when will this all stop? So sad, indeed. I am on city sewer here but we had septic at our other house where we lived for 28 years. Glad to be done with it!! Lots of birthday coming up! Have fun!!

Buttercup said...

My heart breaks for the officers' families and colleagues. What a tough job, no matter where you are.
I'm going away in ten days so no big apartment projects, but you've inspired me to see what I can freshen up.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the police officers. I did hear that on the news, makes me so sad. I was at a friend’s today, her husband is NYPD, we were discussing the young officer killed a few weeks ago in NYC. The man who shot him had been arrested about 21 times. It’s crazy!! Tonight in fact we are getting pizza because most of the pizza parlors on long island are donating proceeds of all pies sold today to his family. Gosh,it’s the least we can do.
Being a nurse is tough. When my oldest began nursing she was oncology and she couldn’t take it. She spent the next 20 years in critical care, now the blood bank. So hard…
Enjoy the new growth of spring. We have woods behind us and are enjoying the change each morning. One day nothing and then all of a sudden the growth begins.

Have a good night