summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

more answers...

That is, if I can remember the questions...first of all Martha, if you dropped by accidentally for dessert, you would be barked at, climbed on, and fallen in love with. And that's just Rosie! Aaron and Mali are making driedal cookies right now, because they are convinced we are part Jewish, which I cannot prove or disprove, but I did buy them a marked down set of mix, complete with cookie cutters. There is always some sort of dessert here. And the beach: this coming summer, we shall set a date.

Grace: I think the empty nest is something that Paul can invision a bit, but as for me.....I rather dread it. I like always having someone around to talk to.

Beth: I am not very computer proficient, just ask my kids who tease me to no end, so I am trying to remember your questions....I know the first was whether we were "done" yet. Well, I am 44 years old, but we would love another baby. We have Camille-the-cuddle-bug, she still is very sweet and huggy, but when my 1 year old great-nephew was here, we were all ready to keep him. Seriously though, it seems the babies get more and more precious, and I would LOVE another one.

Keeping up the relationship with Paul, and with the kids individually....well, with Paul, I suppose it is to really make an effort to touch base with him about things, even when it is crazy in here...and then when we get more time, try to talk can be challenging to connect with each other, especially mom is tired. But I have tried, through the years, to never be too tired for him. As for the kids, I try to take them with me when I go places, sometimes just a few of them or just one. I try to keep in mind who seems to need more attention. They do have each other, and it doesn't seem to me that they are lacking in attention from me. These vacation weeks are wonderful for just spending time together......

The best part of being pregnant/having babies: the excitement of finding out, the baby kicking and moving, the anticipation of meeting him/her, the can one decide?

Potty training....oh, don't ask me. I just wait and let the kids train themselves. Really. It took several years for me to get free from my mother's early potty training opinions, and just let the kids train when they were good and ready. Actually, if I had only Emily, I could write a book on potty training, and everything else, too. She was so easy....I have found through trial and error that chilling and waiting has worked wonderfully. Oh, they have a few accidents here and in the tub and when they get out of the tub, and sometimes when they wait too long....when Sonja was little, she peed in the dollar store, and in Walmart. Now THAT is embarrassing. Especially because I had SO many other kids with me......anyway, waiting has worked for me. Camille goes pee on the toilet at least once a day. She is very ready to train, but I'm not. I tell her that one of these days she can wear just undies and always use the toilet.....and when the time comes, she will just do it. Not because I am pressuring her, because I personally would rather change a diaper than have a ticking-pee-pee/poopie bomb sitting on my couch.....usually when a two or three year old decides something, they are pretty sure about it.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

I agree with you about the potty training! My first two I really pushed the issue. My poor kids. I tried for ONE YEARS. I gave up and then they just potty trained themself when they were ready.

I love having babies too but, OH, I hate the negative comments I get from people. It gets so bad that I can't stand it. Espectially from family. It drives me to tears, no joke. I wish I didn't care but it hurts. Babies do mean more and more to me over time. I think it's because you start to see the different stages and how FAST they grow. You start to learn to cherish each moment more instead of rushing ahead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so hear you on the last part about potty training. My little guy has autism, so we were dealing with more than just the normal issues, but this next time around (especially if autism is in the picture) we'll wait longer since potty training my first took well over a year. I'd much rather just change the diaper and I think we'd all be happier!