summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

sleigh bells, almost!

Outside with the doggies this morning, and to shovel off the deck steps, it's beautiful out there! I am a little bit mad at the dogs though. Yesterday when I left for Camille's appointment, I asked Sonja to please put away the cookies, as time got away from me. I know how piggy these Labradors are, we cannot leave cookies on the counter then leave, no sir, no way. Well, Sonja put all the cut out cookies away, but the plate of chocolate chip cookies, those beautiful cookies, which came out so lovely...they were all in baggies, to keep really fresh, easy to give away, maybe some were going in the freezer...well. These bad dogs ATE THEM ALL. And yes, I do know that chocolate is bad for dogs. The shredded baggies were all that was left, on the living room floor. I can only hope that they shared. They're fine, too.
They're angels, you can almost see their halos.
It is beautiful out there though. I have to go out in it in a few hours, for Camille's physical therapy. We had to drive up to Oswego for yesterday's appointment, a small city on Lake Ontario. It's actually a beautiful place, and I love the smallness. The dr. office is downtown, with a lovely view, a nice parking lot so you can park right outside the door. We went to the grocery store after her appointment, because there was London Broil for a dollar ninety nine a pound. Two bucks a pound. That's cheaper than ground beef, hamburger. I also got a large pork roast for pulled pork for $1.69 a pound. Camille chose some coffee ice cream, and I let her get a container of sprinkles. Then, to spoil the kids even more, we went in to Little Caesars and got two five dollar pizzas for dinner. But yay, when we walked in the door after our long snowy drive, Paul had two burgers in the frying pan (one for me, one for him), and chicken fillets in the oven. It was the perfect accompaniment for the pizza. Sonja also made salads. I skipped the pizza, which never gets easy. 16 days until Christmas, oh dear! I still have a few things to get, and oh well, more cookies to bake... The world is indeed upside down right now...there is a bill being introduced in New York state that would require, as in MANDATORY Covid vaccinations for EVERYONE, if there weren't enough getting it voluntarily. How could that be a LAW? There is a lot to pray for, isn't there? I hope that no matter your circumstances, you hold on to God, and let nothing steal your joy!


An American Housewife said...

I've always heard chocolate was bad for dogs but I have yet to see evidence in real life. I'm wondering if certain breeds are more susceptible? I know of an elderly gentleman who lived alone and his dog was his best buddy in the world. Every day he would go for a walk with his buddy to the corner store and he would buy two Hershey's bars... one for himself and one for his buddy. The dog had a Hershey's bar every day of his life for years.... we moved away before I knew the end of that story. ;)

We had a dog similar in breed and size to your two; he got into an Easter basket one year and ate ALL the chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate candy bars... chocolate bunny.

Our daughter's crazy crazy chocolate lab has gotten into anything and everything including tons of chocolate. Hasn't ever been a sick a day in his life. LOL.

And our current two dogs also similar size/breeds to yours have also had chocolate more than a few times in their 10 years.

I wouldn't fret about it.

Unknown said...

I’m in NY and saw that proposed bill....oh the curse words that I would like to shout about that! Freedoms?! What is that anymore! Grrrrr
My only child goes to school i. Florida and i fear NY will mandate it for travel, so if I want to see her we will have no option but to get it.
I cannot believe this is our way of life. My business has been destroyed. It is closed, i have no income or help from the gift (thankfully my husband is still working). But i am just so sad, depressed, upset...despondent. Sorry to be such a downer but it’s so hard to stay upbeat listening to Cuomo and his doom briefs every day, living under the restrictions.

16 blessings'mom said...

I agree it's hard to stay upbeat listening to King C. He is absolutely ridiculous. Do as he says, not as he does. He encourages neighbors to rat each other out, and gets health inspectors to terrorize small businesses, demanding they enforce mask mandates with fines and threats of jail, but he himself was without a mask and when asked why, he told the reporter to READ THE LAW! He said, "I'm six feet away from people, I don't need one!" Well, then why do you slap fines on businesses for letting citizens shop, six feet away, with no mask? One local store here got fined for a customer with a mask under her nose. harrumph. I'm not much help, am I?
Our pups have eaten their share of chocolate, and all that sugar, and have been fine, the fatties. They are just piggy pies, but they are so cute. I'm actually very thankful they are okay, I just wanna smack them sometimes, although I never really would....