summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

no time for a summer friend... time for the love you send, seasons change, and so did I ...ah, you probably don't know that song:  The Guess Who, No Time.  Anyway, how can I fit in a blog post here and there?  That is the question.  I am too distracted to write when there are people about, and lately, that's been it!

Yesterday morning, I talked to Samuel on the phone while I wandered about, cleaning up this and that, putting the guest room bedding in the wash.  Then Kathryn texted me that she was on her way over to pick me up, we were going to the grocery store!  Pinch me, this is a "new normal", and I love it.  She lives nearby now!

In the store, I got to push Rhys in a cart, Kathryn had Achilles.  Rhys babbles and talks and says mom-mom-mom.  Da-da.  AAAAH!  She is a yeller!  She waves and smiles at everyone, and even the gruffest old bearded guys just melt.  We were in the checkout line, Kathryn in the line next to me, when she saw Kathryn and started fussing, so I asked Kathryn if she had any snacks, a cookie or a cracker.  She pulled out her bag of baby cookies, and Achilles sort of grabbed at the bag, possessively.   Kathryn told him he could have one too, handed one to Rhys, and then to Achilles, and everyone was happy.  But, the people in line behind me didn't realize that I was with Kathryn, and were praising Achilles for sharing.  :)

Kathryn said, "Oh well, if it restores their faith in humanity, it's all good."

Anyways, home to put the groceries away, and get ready to go out to the church pool for a few hours.  It was hot and sunny.  

Where there's a will, there's a way!  She was just way too hot, so we finagled.  Miss Camille...and no, she wasn't very comfy, but she was quite pleased with herself, and felt refreshed.
I love the water...
We spend five and a half hours up at the house we are re-doing for Sam and Grace, painting...Emily, Mariel and Evelyn did yard work.  The previous tenants totally trashed the place, threw their garbage in the back yard, over the fence, what a mess.  Anyway, it was really really hot and humid, and Mariel packed a cooler with refreshing snacks and made us plates when we sat in the shade for a break.  (My picky plate, no cheese or fancy olives, or salami....)
Molly pushing her Ophelia, and Wulf, on the swing in our front yard.
Sonja K. and little Rhys...

After our work and painting, we got home around 3:30, and started prepping to have people over...Margaret and Adrian and the boys, Molly and Josh and Ophelia, Kathryn and Darius and their two...I got some burgers out of the freezer, had a huge bag of hot dogs to grill.  We sliced a tomato and a red onion, got out the pickles.  I cut up a watermelon, some strawberries, and added grapes and blueberries, and cooked a pot of salt potatoes.  Picnic!

The kids splashed in the little pool on the deck, and played in the water table.  It's so nice to spend time outside like that.

This fine morning, I'm heading to the pool for water aerobics.  Samuel is coming this afternoon with his little Ruth.  He has a job interview tomorrow, prayers please!  They're moving up here, and he still has to nail down the job part.  He's been accepted into the union for HVAC, so he will probably get hired.    He's staying for a week here, as Grace is finishing up her teaching year down in Virginia.  (Grant is staying with his other grandparents for the week).

They'll all probably stay with us for a bit as we finish up their house, so it won't get less busy here any time soon.  I have to run out the door to the pool now, so bye, and have a good day....:)


~Pam~ said...

Hi Della,
I am new to your blog, I love it! What a beautiful family. I found your blog over at Melanies. I am going to add you to my reads. I just getting back into blogging, hope you will visit sometime. Have a blessed week. xo

Mari said...

I like your Rhys and Achilles story.
I had knee surgery in May quite a few years ago, and wore an immobilizer all summer. I had to be creative to cool down too!

Terri D said...

It is always fun catching up with you and the kids!! Blessings! xo

16 blessings'mom said...

Hello Pam! Welcome, glad to meet you!
Mari, I will NOT tell Miss Cam that you had to wear it all summer. Oh dear.
Terri, thank you. :)

Billie Jo said...

You got to push a little one in the grocery store!!!!!! Lucky!!! I miss that so much!