summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

getting caught in the snow!

 Yesterday, I was feeling adventurous.  The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing and it was 29 degrees.  I had to move the truck (scrape the snow off the windshield first) to get the car out of the driveway, and by the time I had cleaned off the car windshield, without gloves for some reason, my hands were frozen.  How old am I?

Camille and I went to Target.  I had a small order pick up, then just a few things to get.  We tried a few things on, I was bitterly disappointed in the jeans, oh my tummy!  But she found a lovely Christmas dress for only nine dollars.  We wandered and meandered and found a few Christmas gifts.  I checked my phone a few times for where that snow was on the radar...lake snow was pounding Oswego, just to the north of us.  It was forecast to swing down at some point, but we were playing Beat The Snow.

The thrift store was fun, 25% off on Tuesdays for seniors, and that's 55 and up, so that's me.  I found some grandchildren clothes, Cam found two shirts, one still with Old Navy tags.  I found a little coat for Ruth with the tags still on it.  Then, when we got to the register, Barbies!  New in the box, holiday Barbies!  I had a good idea, what if we got them for the granddaughters?  I want to get the grandchildren only one thing each this year, as they have SO much stuff, how about one really fun present?  

These were the four we chose, for $11.24 each.  Anya and Elise, and Lydia and Ophelia....the two year olds (Ruth and Rhys) are too little.  It was great fun to pick them out, there were SO many to choose from.

It was snowing when we left the store, so we didn't go anywhere else.  We headed home.  Sure enough, snow.  It was blowing and snowing, and at one point, I could barely see...about five minutes of driving in the blinding white-out.  It hadn't covered the road yet, so I could still see where I was going, but it's not fun.  The rest of the way was off and on again limited visibility, but not too bad.  We were glad to get back home, ahh, home.  Activity club was canceled in the evening.  Both Emily and Mariel had challenging rides home from work, and Sonja had to leave to drive to the city, right in the midst of it.  That's one thing about working night shift, leaving for work at six o'clock, when it's dark...ugh.  She texted Jon when she got there, safe but late, it was not easy.

Sharing the highway with the tractor trailers, ugh.  But she made it.

That's what life is like when you live here in Central New York State, south of Lake Ontario, the great snow machine.  The folks east of the lake get SO much snow, I think they had at least a foot, 18 inches.  

Once we got home, and the house was filled with that brightness that a snow filled yard brings, with all the Christmas lights on, it was so cozy.  We wrapped a few presents, and had hot drinks.  

Then, time to make dinner.  I cut up a five pound package of chicken breast, then tossed it in a bowl with cornstarch and flour, salt and pepper.  Into the hot wok, three batches, golden brown and crispy.  Camille made a pan of rice.  I microwaved a bag of broccoli crowns, then a bag of Chinese mixed veggie stir fry, just until soft, then threw it all into the wok.  I added the chicken back in, then the sauce, which was butter and orange marmalade with ginger, the packed of teriyaki sauce from the veggies, and some Target orange  chicken sauce, all bubbling hot.  I poured it over everything, stirred it up, and mmm.  Americanized Chinese food.  

Sunrise with snowy branches, winter isn't all bad.  

This fine day, Margaret is coming over with her little ones.  I need to get up and vacuum and clean up a bit.  Sonja is home from work now, having some brekky, then she'll sleep the day away.  What a job, taking care of children in the pediatric hospital...oh my soul.  She never tells me any specific details, but sometimes the outlines of the stories...a newborn with broken bones, shaken baby syndrome...a baby left alone in a house and discovered by a plumber...a special needs child with a myriad of issues, still smiling. They don't even know me, but I pray for them.  

Ah well, time to move it move it...have a really nice day!


Marilyn said...

Oh Della! That snow driving is the WORST!! We don’t have any snow! This is unbelievable for November 29th. We will pay for this beautiful weather though. Fires in the summer as everything is so dry. My memories on FB came up 9 years ago and we had 18” fall over night and -17C. We are sitting at 0 right now and going up to +7C 😳 Poor Sonja. My daughter also works nights……8 pm to 8 am. She is in the ER and see some dreadful things too.

Those Barbies are so beautiful!! What a great price and the girls will just love them. My girls loved playing Barbie’s. I made some Barbie clothes one year for Christmas . Oh my…. I only did it once. SO fiddly.

Stay nice and snuggly in your warm, cozy house and watch the snow flakes. Have a lovely day with the littles 🥰

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Anonymous said...

I remember the snow in Oswego when my son went to school there. Oh my, he hated it. We get plenty on the island but nothing like you all have. When he graduated he moved to Georgia to get away from snow. Lol

My kids that live here are both in healthcare and work in two different hospitals. It’s not fun getting to work during a storm. Less fun having to stay at work because they are snowed in. My husband also works at the university hospital. If our governor declares a state of emergency I know I won’t see him for a while.

Enjoy you evening. So cozy with snow and Christmas lights.


Terri D said...

I'm shivering just thinking about that snow and ice and cold weather!! I want to shop in your Target. There are never bargains in ours like you find in yours!! I haven't even started shopping and I don't have many to shop for anymore. It's coming fast, though, isn't it!!

Betty said...

Seeing the photos of your snow brought back evolving memories. Blizzard of 66 yeah! A week of no snow school and fun playing in the drifts. Fast.forward to 1974 thru 87 driving to the office from Cleveland NY on Oneida lake I worked in Liverpool and the White outs would find me just hoping to see the road lines. We moved back to Baldwinsville in 87 the commute was shorter but the snow burst of 93 when every business sent everyone home at noon and the roads became clogged
With stuck cars. I had to leave our suburban stuck and walked home. I realized then yes you can die from the cold! We sold the house in foxfire (village green) and moved to Florida where we enjoy looking at the lovely photos of snow from afar. Be safe and wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas season.

16 blessings'mom said...

Marilyn, our snow is mostly gone now, our winter weather is more temperate than what you get, I think. I made some Barbie clothes through the years, back when those old fashioned petticoat sort were all the rage. A nurse Barbie outfit was one I did, and we didn't even know how many nurses our fam would have, back then. But "fiddly" is the word, Marilyn! oh, dear, so much work, and those tiny little armholes...ugh.
Judy, we had a mild winter last year, and my d-i-l, from Louisiana, then Virginia, now living in Oswego, said it wasn't so bad...just wait, I said. The wind off of Lake Ontario, it can be brutal. :)
Terri, you're smart to be in the winter, anyway! I have so much shopping to do still, I wish I had done more throughout the year...oh well!
Betty, I was only a year old in the Blizzard of 66, but grew up with the stories. My father was snowed in at work for 3 days, and my mother couldn't get the front door opened because of the wall of snow. That storm of 93 though, my husband worked in Seneca Falls, and his drive home was horrendous. He could NOT get his little red Toyota pickup down our road, had to park it on the main road and walk and when he came in the door, that snow was up to his thighs, it reminded me of Pa in Little House...the gridlock in Syracuse was bad. My mother got snowed in with us...wowza. Florida is lovely, I do appreciate visiting there, especially in the winter...snow is beautiful and adventurous, but ugh...I don't always love it.