summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

being sick, and family pictures...

We have a cold going around here. Charlotte Claire had it first, and is still coughing and is going through the house, so we couldn't have any cousins or new baby twins over for the holidays. Paul is sick too, he stayed home and is working from here. My throat hurts, really badly. I have a cough, and feel like blah. Mirielle and Mali and Margaret and Kathryn and Evelyn and Suze are also sick.

So I am sure our latest family picture will be lovely.

My nice niece Claire came over last night with three of her sisters, Janet, Ellen, and Audrey. She brought her camera, and took our family pic. It isn't everyday that all of the kids are here at the same time, obviously, and the time wasn't perfect for little ones, but Emily worked a twelve hour shift, and couldn't get here 'til that's when we did it.

I don't have the pictures yet, Claire will be sending them. I shall print some up and send out my Christmas cards - better late than never, right?

Puzzling and puzzling...we have a 2000 piece puzzle spread out on our dining room table. Abigail and I worked on it off and on for hours yesterday. It is the perfect thing for sitting around talking. We somehow ate our dinner of chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and broccoli, around that puzzle. I kept telling Ab that I "puzzled for three hours 'til my puzzler was sore..."(the Grinch, Dr. Seuss) (I think at least half my kids can recite that whole story, the original from the cartoon movie and book) Anyway...Abigail had to go back to the Real World, aka work, and I am sad. I want to see her happy face come back in our door and have her join me at the puzzle.

Emily, why oh why oh why did you get such an impossibly difficult puzzle? And it is addictive! When I get a few pieces in a row together, and things start to make sense, it is so much fun!

Anyway, I didn't get a diamond ring for Christmas this year. Or a new puppy, or a positive pregnancy test. But I did get a set of work-out dvds from Paul. And two pink serving scoops from Abigail, with a polka-dotted potholder. And slippers from Ben and Ashley. And a calendar from Charlotte Claire. The best gift of all though, was having all the kids here. I cannot describe the fun we have had. Having Mr. Benjamin around has been so nice. He has grown up, yet he is still the same kid. His goodness shines through more now, he doesn't care about looking cool or being tough, he just helps the kids and listens to them, and is so respectful to Paul and I. And having Emily and Abigail here is special too, I never get to see them enough.

Paul and I don't get each other gifts, besides the dvds and the Rubbermaid storage containers I got him for his lunches, because we went to Jamaica. What could be better than that? (besides perhaps a positive pregnancy test or a puppy, of course)

So...motivation...blah, let's get this good stuff out of the house! I had a piece of chocolate yesterday, a Whitman's chocolate covered toffee...then a molasses chew...but no cookies, and well...some pumpkin pie...but it is all gone now. I only had two chicken wings for dinner with some broccoli. I am trying to stay away from the carbs, and I did exercise yesterday, but only for like ten minutes since I feel blah. I went on my walk again this morning though. I am starting to visualize myself smaller, with more energy, and really want to get back into losing those pounds.

I really want to take this kids bowling this week. There is a special at one of the places in the small city, only one dollar a game, with free shoe rental. I don't know if I can even talk to order the shoes today though. And the little girls with their runny noses...

Paul is working from home. So he is sitting here on his computer, and Jonathan is trying to put together his Hotwheels RevUp track...poor Jon. He finally understands that Daddy is working, and can't just talk him through it. He got it together, but doesn't see very interested in it since Daddy can't play with him....I guess I can go play cars....


Martha said...

I didn't get a diamond ring either... but then again, I wasn't hoping for one. :) No positive pregnancy tests, no puppies... We did have an extra cat here for the day, but Beth and Adam had to take him back home because Joe doesn't live here anymore. :) (It was his.)

We are fighting sickness because Christmas is the season to be sick apparently. But not me. I refuse to get sick! Maybe I'll just take a nap instead.

ccc said...

I am rooting for a positive preg test for you--it just happened a few months ago, so why not again? You must be fertile still.
It is special to have all your children together in one room, isn't it? We just had that too.

Tereza said...

Hope you all feel better soon! So many people sick makes for a grumpy house!! And too...all this chocolate has GOT TO GO!!:):)