summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

three ring circus here....

Yeah, I knew I had to take Aaron to his pre-surgery appointment. What I didn't know was that it was in a big city two and a half hours away. We have three vehicles. Paul had to be at work in one direction, Joseph a college final in a different city, Mirielle had to be in the big city for a college final...details, details. I won't bore you with them, but off on our trip to the big city we went. Camille, and Suzanne because I let her skip school and come with us. (She seemed like she needed some time with me, and I really needed some time with her (she said she did NOT miss me when I got home from Jamaica, I think she was a little put out that we had left for so many days, I don't know... anyway...))

Aaron had a bar put in his chest three years ago to fix his depressed sternum, it was deep enough to put a cereal bowl he had this corrective surgery done, in which a bar with a "U" shape in the middle was inserted all the way across the chest, then flipped, which forced the sternum was extremely painful for him, but it fixed the problem, allowing him to breathe better.

Now it is time to get the bar removed. We have to go in next Monday at 7a.m. That means waking up at like four in the morning. It is planned for outpatient, but some kids have to stay we are going to try to reserve a room in the Ronald McDonald house a few blocks from the hospital just in case.

In case I don't seem overjoyed about this, well, see, I am tired. Never mind that I just got back from vacation. I still am tired. Today WAS a good day. I spent it with Aaron...he just turned 19 the other day, and he doesn't always have too much to say to me, so it was nice to have some time together. We stopped at a different Target on the way home, and at a Chinese buffet. Camille got her money's worth, jello and chocolate pudding. I stayed away from everything but the chicken, which was bad enough. Camille explained to us how princesses have, "Royal" spoons, and "Royal" drinks, ect, ect, she also danced for us, like a princess does. She has no consciousness at all of other people in the room.

She lost the new bunny that the lady in Medical Imaging gave to her for being a good little sister. I think it is in that far-away Target. She insists we are going back to get that bunny, which she named, "Springy", tomorrow. No, we aren't.

Suzanne told Kathryn about the missing bunny, so Kathryn unloaded two boxes of her own stuffed animals to Camille...she is forgetting Springy now...

So. We got home from the far-away hospital in the far-away city...we had to stop at the store for ice cream for Abigail's birthday party, and cream cheese for the frosting Mirielle was making for the banana cake. Into the house, cooking chicken, serving up the salad and rice and singing to Abigail...too much fun...the kids got to bed too late, all hopped up on the yummy dessert, and because Emily stopped in after work to pick up Margaret's violin (it only has three strings, Emily doesn't think that will for Margaret's birthday, which is on the 22nd, Em is putting new strings on it for her...) I am sitting down, finally. Today is done today was fun tomorrow is another one. Or some thing like that. Perhaps tomorrow I will have the time and the patience for vacation pictures...

Oh, and my niece is having those babies soon! I can't wait to meet them!!! Two babies! I bought them fuzzy fleecy sleepers yesterday, and some Johnson's Baby bath today...

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