summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

clear and cold and sunny and busy...

Aaron woke up early this morning. He has an earache that hurts badly. So...called the dr., and yes, he needs to be seen. He just had surgery yesterday, so if he has some bad germs hanging around it would be good to get an antibiotic. Mirielle has a dentist appointment in the small city, but since Aaron feels rotten I might go with him. That means changing my plans which included Doing Not Much today, ha. After sitting around in the hospital all day yesterday, I really wanted to putter around here and do some stuff. And, I read a hundred pages of , "The Help", and I want to finish it.

Joseph is an interesting companion. He is twenty years old, he did cut his long curls recently, so he now looks respectable and handsome again. He went and took some allergy medicine before we left yesterday, so he slept in those hospital waiting rooms, sitting up. I couldn't manage to do that, every time I dozed, I almost fell out of the chair. So I read my book and I watched people. I saw a teenage boy who was with two workers of a group home as his guardians, he was mentally challenged I suppose...but he was just plain happy. His guardians explained that he thinks everything is just fun. I did not feel sorry for him, no, that boy has it made. The ladies with him just loved him. I also saw a young couple with a fussy two year old getting tonsils out. They were more interested in their phones than they were in him. At least yesterday. I saw a young black dad with a child named Pharaoh, and a lovely mom who thought the sun rose and set on her sweet little non-verbal, non-walking pre-teen son who did NOT want to be there - it brought tears to my eyes how doting she was. So, basically I did not get bored.

And, someone prayed for me and my drive home. It was amazing! It was short and light and my eyelids did not try to stick together at all! I was driving along, waiting for when I got too tired, and it did not happen, then I realized that I was just being blessed. It was really amazing. It did not live up to my dread.

Rosie-The-Bad dog escaped this morning when the kids were leaving for school. I was getting a bag of candy out for Sonja's class party, and the bus came, and they left the door open...blah, she chased the bus, barking and barking, ignoring me. rrr. After the bus drove down the road, she ran off to the neighbors. I went out a few minutes later, and she was guarding the end of the driveway. She likes to lie there and keep watch for danger, like UPS trucks and the mailman. The garbage man has made it clear that if she is there, he does not stop and pick up our garbage. So...I had to go get her. She got up and started to take off again, but I called her so nicely, she came to me! I praised her to the skies, brought her in and gave her treats, even though I wanted to kick her disobedient little but all the way up the deck steps.

Emily made a cake. Homemade butter cake with fluffy white frosting and almonds. And coconut. She brought it over. Nobody seems to like it. Nobody except for me. blah. I take a taste here and there...oh, it is so good. Ben had some last night, now it is almost gone. I think I will throw the rest away. It is calling me like crazy, torturing me. I am easily tortured these days, there is this lie whispering to me that says that It Is The Holidays, It Is Okay. Well, that may be well and true for most people, but I need to lose this weight! This morning I saw a beautiful number, and I don't want to go back above it! It is just a beautiful thing to get on that scale and see lower and lower numbers! I feel like I have been stuck in the mud for a while, and really want to get moving on this thing. My exercise has been...well, yesterday, none. Today I shall move it somehow.

Someone has eaten all the food again. Where oh where does it go? Bananas and apples and yogurt and milk and cheese....

I need to make a meal plan. We have decided what to have on Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, but that is about it...oh, and pizza on Friday night. Tonight is the elementary school chorus concert. Paul and Emily and Ben and Ashley and Mirielle, and Joseph and Mali, and Sam are working at the dome for a basketball game, so it is just me...and Abigail and Aaron, and Margaret and Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Charlotte Claire, and Camille going to watch Jonathan and Sonja sing. Well, I don't know if Aaron will go.

Well, time to move it.


Kathyb1960 said...

Your kids are still having to go to school? WOW! How long do they get off?

Most of the schools here in Texas got out early last Friday, and they will be out until Jan 3rd.

I hope ya'll have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

momto9 said...

Busy busy busy!!!! Glad you are able to take it so well!