summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

hopes and dreams for 2018....

I want to find a diet in the new year that actually works. Ha. Diets don't fail, it's the sneaky hands putting the food in the mouth, isn't it? And the brains behind the hands, reasoning and plotting, defending and suggesting, when those very brains know full well that it's nonsense, no one NEEDS cookies, not even just a little taste, and cookie dough DOES have calories.

Anyway. It's not going to be a brand spankin' new diet, just more resolve, along with the rests of the fat people in the United States of America...more resolve to be more honest with myself about what I actually indulge in.

The Target ad features snazzy work out gear, the Aldi ad is full of healthy options, our whole country is going to get skinny. Until the Valentine's Day candy comes out, anyway. What they need to sell is little bottles of motivation, just dab a bit behind the ear in the morning, and yes, I'll go to the gym! Maybe it can include some ingredients that clarify for us that a chocolate covered peanut is NOT health food, and that consuming healthy fats doesn't mean we can eat a half a stick of butter on sprouted grain toast and be smug about it.

We do need to purge the house from yummy things. My kids are funny, if they don't love it or really want it, they don't eat it. I brought home a few chocolate chip cookies from the Great Freezing NYC Adventure, from the boxed dinners they passed out. I did eat one of them, and it hit the spot. I wanted to eat more, of course I did. But I brought two home for the kids, maybe the girls would want them in their lunch, ect. But they are just sitting there in their plastic packaging, calling MY name, not THEIR names. There is a huge bowl of treats from the Christmas stockings, too. I dumped it all in the bowl so we could put the stockings away with the ornaments..there are mini Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Trees, Andes Mints, Hershey Kisses, chocolate coins, Skittles, ect...I am considering dumping the whole bowl into the garbagio.

Yesterday was Get Rid Of The Tree day. wah. It was the nicest tree. Evelyn and Sonja had taken the ornaments off it already, but it looked really nice just standing there in it's white lights, with the star on top all lit up. But it was dropping needles, and it was time to say goodbye. Paul and Jonathan dragged it out the door last night, Camille vacuumed up the needles while Jonathan cleaned up the dirt from the plant they knocked over on the way out the door. We put away stray gifts, although there is still a crate here with a brand new water bottle, if no one claims it, it's mine, along with Mali's stocking full of treats, and a few other things. We left up a few winter-y decorations, but it still looks too bare in here. We straightened up our toy corner, and got rid of some things, which is like pulling teeth for yours truly. (The doll bed from Ikea, which Emily bought for Camille? The mattress board was broken, and it was wobbly...but I had painted it pink, and made a lovely little bedskirt and mattress cover...but As kids grow up, they don't want old toys stored in their rooms anymore, and if the grand kids only usually play with cash registers and dollhouse stuff and a few baby dolls and shopping carts, why do I keep so much? I also have bins of duplos and Little Tikes Waffle blocks, and some various electronic toys, along with a few bins of baby toys.

But we got rid of some dolly car seats, and the doll bed/changing table that Abigail got for Christmas when she was little, and Abigail just turned 31.

Anyway. It feels good to purge and organize.

Anne is coming over this fine morning. We are having a break from single digits, and it's going up to 20F (-6.6) today with no snow in the forecast. So we are going to the store today to stock up on the essentials. Emily is taking Jonathan and Charlotte Claire skiing, but Char has already learned two new songs on the ukelele, and has learned how to spell, "ridiculously", "recipe", "Fahrenheit",and "experience".

Our forecast: cold, more cold, and more snow. A week from today will still be under freezing, with quite a storm moving in Thursday to Friday, with HIGH temps Friday and Saturday of 2 and 3 degrees (-16c ). Friday is supposed to be windy and snowy too, so I am saying SNOW DAY!

Kathryn has the day off from work, so I am hoping she comes out with us. Not to steal from our spelling list, but it's been a ridiculously cold stretch here in the northeast, and I do not like winter driving. No, not at all. Especially in the minivan.

This morning's coffee has been delicious, mostly pumpkin spice with a scoop of regular Dunkin Donuts roast on top, just yummy. My chair is back in it's usual corner, not that the tree is gone, and it's all good, except I set my coffee on the window sill when I type, and it gets cold so fast...

Anyway, my real goals for the year, along with losing like fifty pounds, are to be humble and soft-hearted and forgiving and to listen for that still small voice of God, and be obedient. Then life will be good.


tiphaine said...

Anyway, my real goals for the year, along with losing like fifty pounds, are to be humble and soft-hearted and forgiving and to listen for that still small voice of God, and be obedient. Then life will be good.

Amen to that.

also that bowl of treat, bring it to church, leave it next to the coffee. Somehow it will become irresistible to all the kids around.

16 blessings'mom said...

That's exactly what I ended up doing with a huge bowl of treats! The older kids brought it to the youth meeting and brought it home empty!

In the midst of all the things that seem important in life, it's vital to remember what's REALLY important, because without God's grace over me, nothing else is worth anything. :)