summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

oops, sorry!

Sorry Evelyn! She had to go to a public meeting for an assignment in one of her classes, so it was a school board meeting last night, and I was supposed to go with her. And. I forgot. Well, I remembered a few times, felt confident I had plenty of time, then forgot again.

But it's not like I was just sitting around twiddling my thumbs, forgetting about things. No sir. First was the pool with the three homeschooled kids...getting out of the driveway was a challenge, the packed ice in the driveway had melted into a cement-like slush, keeping my wimpy old minivan captive. I had to reverse and gun it several times, which is much more fun than shoveling it. We moved forward a few feet at a time, but eventually, we were out of the driveway.

The pool was amazing, as usual. Putting my bathing suit on is NOT amazing, but I'll spare you the details. Margaret had the day off from work, and Adrian worked half a day, so they met us there. The kids love swimming with Adrian, he plays with them and is lots of fun. Margaret and Adrian agreed to bring the kids with them on their errands, and took them out to lunch, while I headed home to be picked up by my sister. She had a dr. appointment to prepare for an upcoming kidney stone surgery, blah. So I cut coupons in the waiting room while she saw the dr. I asked her if it would embarrass her, ha, because when I say "cut coupons", I mean RIP coupons, because I didn't have my purse scissors with me.

Our shopping find of the day: Bumbo seat, with tray: $13.79. We both have grandchildren, so we each got one.

Then the grocery store. I must say, it's nice to go use lots of coupons without kids there rolling their eyes and sighing. The donuts were half price, and ugh, why oh why did I buy some? But, alas, I did. And...since I had been swimming and was starving and it was past dinner time, yeah, some donut eating happened on the way home. Does it matter if I truly enjoyed it (or ahem...them!)?

So I had a handful of nuts for dinner when I got home, and called it a night, as far as eating goes. Not ideal, but oh well. I can only hope the swimming made up for most of it:(

Home with groceries...Mirielle was so nice, she went with Evelyn to the meeting. I felt bad, but when I remembered, I was already in the city, already had my coupons ready, and we were out of a few things at home, so I texted her and said I wasn't going to make it. eeks. I COULD have headed home. But, I have Anne today, tomorrow, and Thursday, and that means ha, no coupons, and honestly, I don't mind running in a store quick with her, but not a long shopping trip.

This fine afternoon, Sonja and I have to have fillings at the dentist. I have a super small cavity all the way back in a wisdom tooth, which means my jaw may just crack and stay open forever, which is my primary concern, along with the fear of my nose being dislocated. I'll have every single muscle in my body tensed, which may make the whole ordeal count as a workout!

Anne is going with us to the dentist. It's one of the rare times I'll break my "no tablet" rule, or phone, or whatever. Babies like those silly little songs videos at such young ages.

She is taking a nap right now, in the stroller with the fan on, so we're doing school quietly. Don't think for one minute that I just sit here typing, I have been helping Charlotte with the word, "devise", taking the loud bone away from Sunny, answering Camille, directing them what book to go to next, answering texts about watching kids, and of course, drinking coffee. Oh, poor busy me, ha.


Kara said...

When my Wisdom teeth started to get cavities, my dentist recommended just removing them outright. I pushed back and resisted for years. Eventually I went through with the removal and it was so much easier than I expected. I did pay out of pocket to be put under (none of my teeth were impacted, but I didn't want to be aware of anything going on), but it was worth every penny.

Marilyn said...

Brahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂 Della you are a scream!! Yes, getting into a bathing suit is such a challlenge 😂😂 And yes.....tense muscles at the dentist would definitely be a workout 😂😂😂😂 You have such a funny way of words! I enjoy reading your blog.......have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada