summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, March 28, 2019

how in the world?... in the world did I ever get anything done? Yesterday I had 2 year old Anne, and 3 year old Lydia, which leads me to the above question.

The simple dynamics of taking care of small children turn regular events into grand productions. Going to the bathroom, for example. I had a hard enough trying to pull off this spectacular feat when my own children were small, wrestling with the conundrum of whether to sneak or announce. Sneaking almost guaranteed I would be back before they decided to get into the cereal or paint with Desitin, but if they noticed I was gone, it could trigger panic, and if one started crying, you know...the announcing it was almost like telling them, "Go ahead and run into your sisters' room and get into her powder, quick, you're going to be unattended for a bit." It could also backfire, and mama could end up with little friends in the bathroom keeping company.

These little girls aren't my own children, and I do not leave them unattended, so I have to summon Jon, Char, or Cam when I run to the bathroom.

When Lydia has to go, Anne NEEDS to come too. She sometimes needs to take her diaper off and sit on the toilet like Lydia, which is a good thing, but not always a fun thing. She also needs to wash her hands.

When they have their snacks or eggs or yogurts, or even a banana during the day, I put them up to the table, or even at the coffee table in their little chairs, because we don't run around with food. This means washing them up when they're done, and cleaning up the little plates, ect. And they both always want the same plate, even though I have identical pink plates. I poured them seltzer (sugarless sparkling water) yesterday, in identical glasses, with different colored straws so we could differentiate the drinks and keep using the glasses...yes, they both wanted the green straw.

They are friends 90+% of the time...the other ten percent, don't even ask.

It's good for them. They learn to share, they learn to get along, they play together.

It's good for me, too. I have noticed I have much less patience than I thought I had. And if I am feeling irritated or bothered or just plain get sick of the silly nonsense, that's a good place to be, because it's where I am and who I am, and there's so much grace and help from God to get when we ask in humility.

Because above all, children are straight from heaven...the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. And they need to be treated with goodness. That's easy when they're agreeable and they didn't just spill their drink.

(It's nice to have some little friends!)

Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something more important in life. I didn't go to college, I don't work, and when I bumble around here in my comfy around-the-house clothes, I feel like a lazy slouch.

It's not esteemed in the eyes of this world to take care of kids. You need to to it ALL, and I applaud the mamas (and daddies) who can manage that. But I'm almost 54 years old, not starting a career anytime soon...I've thought about it. I've actually been thinking about getting a realtor's license, because I love people and houses. And to get the people connected to the right house sounds very fulfilling. But I'm not sure I can fit it in, not sure I have the dedication it takes to leave the house so kids are growing up so fast, I don't want to miss out on any of it.

Today we only have little Lydia. And, we need to go to Walmart, as soon as the kids are done with their schoolwork. Important things are on the list, like a contact solution for Jon, and and and.

It's warm here, but cloudy and we're getting some rain. Spring takes it's own sweet time coming to central New York state. But when it does arrive, when the sun shines and the jackets come off, oh my goody-good-goodness, no one enjoys it like we Northerners do.


Marilyn said...

Good morning Della! We are getting up to 90 degrees today 🌞🌞I Iove the pictures of you and the little girls doing your exercises. I think being a stay at home mum is the most important job in the world and so under rated! I think you are doing a great job now looking after these two little treasures...........they are so cute. You really do need to have heaps of patience with little ones....,especially two year olds!! You know all about that! I laugh when I read how you had to sneak to the toilet when yours were little. I find my dogs follow me to the toilet 😂 Nothing is sacred 😂😂😂 Have a great day! I hope Spring is there soon......I hope it’s there when we get home on the my dreams......

Marilyn from Canada

Anonymous said...

O my! When you said -“ I should be doing something more important in my life .” I also have thought that many times. When I read that paragraph I thought this is something I would have written myself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Blessings, Darla

Deb said...

I feel your pain on deciding to do the realtor's license. My advice, give it a go. Once you have it, if needed, you can wait before working. I started back going to school part time and still homeschooling when my youngest two were 16 & 14. I'm glad I did it then, because I actually think it helped them see that I could work hard at something, too. By the time they were ready to fly from the nest, I could transition into working full-time, and I felt fulfilled and more competent than I think I would have if I had waited. Having your kids see you prepare for the next phase of life is a good thing, and sends a strong message that it is never too late to learn anything.