summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, May 16, 2008

Joseph's birthday

My number 5 child is 17 years old, which doesn't make sense, because I"M seventeen years old.

Well, I went shopping yesterday, but guess what I forgot to get? If you said diapers, you win. I have enough to last through 'til today's shopping trip. Yes, I need to go again today. No, not NEED....I went yesterday to Kohl's and got Mariel her running shoes, and some bargains for the other kids. I just cruise the clearance racks. Margaret: new shirt and black leather shoes:$9, Joseph: new jeans and polo shirt - $ 13, Aaron, jeans $7.99, Molly: shirt - $7, Suzanne and Sonja: matching shirts - $3 , Kathryn: sneakers - $5.99, Evelyn: sandals - $2.99, Jonathan: 2 shirts - $8, Charlotte and Camille: matching outfits - $5.....etc. Me: nothing but the satisfaction of buying nice things for the kids for reasonable prices. I only buy from the 80% or 90% off racks. The regular prices at this store are ridiculous.

So yesterday was free Iced Coffee day at Dunkin Donuts. Abigail, Mariel, Jon, and I got one....Jon was absolutely thrilled. Then we went to Kohls, then to McDonalds for the free Southern Chicken sandwich with any med. drink purchase. The sweet tea is only $1, so we bought 5 sweet teas, and got 5 chicken sandwiches, free. We brought a few home for the school kids to share. Then onto the grocery store. Stocked up on the usual (minus the diapers), then went to the OTHER Dunkin Donuts...I got one Iced Coffee at the drive-thru, and Mariel and Abigail went in and each got one. We brought them home to the school kids. We saved our empty cups so they could share and turn 3 into made the kids pretty happy. We poured all the sweet teas into a pitcher for dinner....

So, today I have to go to a different grocery store a bit farther away. I get better and cheaper meat there, and just cheaper groceries than Wegmans. And my sister is going that way, and I am hitching a ride with her. Which promises to be great fun. ( I apologized to her for having such fun the other day when she had to have the bloodwork and the CAT scan, and she said it was okay, she had fun too. We take after our mother. ) Anyway, when we go somewhere together, we dawdle big time. Even when we're in a big hurry. Oh, where do the hours go?

Emily has the day off today, and Abigail is done with school. I let Kathryn and Sonja stay home today, because they've been going to school too much and need some time here. Sonja is a kindergartener, and not only do we have all day kindergarten here in our district, we have it one hour longer this year! My second trip (k-4) kids don't get home until is a really long day, especially for the, sometimes they stay home. Suzanne went to school today, all excited because she wants to get "stellar speller" again. She took no less than 4 practice tests yesterday, and aced them all. I keep telling her it's okay if she doesn't get 100%...if she makes a mistake, it's okay.....

Camille the amazing nursing baby is awake....


jen said...

"..... which doesn't make sense, because I"M seventeen years old."

I hear you! I know that feeling very well. I only have 2 kids (so far!), and the oldest is 2.5 - but I still feel that way. I also was a nanny to 4 kids - and the oldest is now 24. So I DOUBLE hear you!!

I love reading your blog. Your kids sound so lovely and well balanced, you're doing such a great job. I have a little bit of (sinful) envy of all your kids - I'd love to have many more kids, but who knows.

Keep up the great writing and the photos!

Martha said...

Sometimes I shop at Kohl's but I am always watching the prices. I will use my Kohl's card to take advantage of additional savings but otherwise I pay cash. (That saves money too!) I look for movies in the $5 bin at Walmart. Yesterday I found Milo and Otis, great kids movie!