summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, October 13, 2013

a nice restful sunday....

I went for a quiet and peaceful walk in the leaves....

I thought the "ROUGH ROAD" sign was funny. Yes, life can be a rough road sometimes. We just plain want to know, we want to live, we want time, we want we want we want. But what about trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts and leaning not on our own understanding? It is a suffering to come to rest. I need to say NO to my anxious thoughts, I need to be tested in my faith. Seriously, being worried sick is just as bad as really being sick. Why give in to it? I can't help that I am tempted to it, but we are not debtors to the flesh!

Anyway, I have had an amazing day. When I got back from my walk, our friend Erika called and asked if she could take Char and Camille for some dinner and to the movies. Um, yes! They were SO excited as I brushed their hair pretty and got them out some nice clean bye-bye clothes. Oh they had fun. Popcorn AND soda in the movie, plus McDonalds with a playground! I am thankful for the young girls in our church who use their time and money to bless the little ones so much. It will come back to them tenfold.

While they were gone, Jonathan was also gone to my niece Katie's house, helping her make a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for her husband, who is Canadian, and some other relatives and friends. Jon was there all day, he is a big boy and very independent.

We still had 14 people here for dinner. I decided to cut up all the rest of the apples, they were just starting to get soft. I peeled and sliced, until I had a huge bowl, and was ready to make a few pies...but Paul was taking the oven apart, trying to fix it. It has been turning everything black, and he talked to a few people about what may be causing it. Oh the mess. The black stuff got all over the floor, people walked through it, I had to mop and scrub to get it all clean again...and the oven is back together, and works just like it did before, meaning it still gets everything black. He has some other things he will try, because that oven/stove is not very old, and is a nice stainless steel convection oven. rrr. Not something we want to replace right now. So the apples....I put sugar and cinnamon on them, and by the time I got them in the microwave to make cooked apples to go with dinner because I decided not to make pies because the oven was taken apart, the kids had eaten half of them.

We had beef stew and the apples.

And, Benjamin and Ashley are in the hospital!!!! The baby is coming soon! It is 9 days before her due date, but Benjamin was a week early. She was six centimeters a few hours ago, so this Gramma-to-be is staying up for a while, waiting for news!

Oh, if I could only teleport to the west coast.

It's pretty horrid, isn't it? Me, who loves babies SO much, my first grandchild, hundreds of miles away, and I can't hold her until like Christmas? Torturous torture. Ugh. But I am praying that everything goes well for them.

There is no school tomorrow, Columbus Day. So Paul took the girls to town to rent a movie from Redbox, they are raiding the kitchen now for snacks. The medium sized girls, Kathryn and her cousin Olivia. And Kathryn.

Oh, a huge thank you to anonymous who left the comment about the Dr. Mercola article. Paul is a huge fan of Mercola. I like to read his stuff too. I need to get my vitamin D level back up!!!!

My daughter Mali is in nursing school, second year. She also works part-time at a nice hotel in the area. She was working today when an old man come to her ask for a towel for his wife who was in the bathroom not feeling well. Mali brought the towel in, and lo and behold, the woman had...really made a mess, loose bowels. Mali cleaned her all up, and the man so thankfully called Mali, "A child of God." It made me proud of her, that she unselfishly went above and beyond.

Dang I am getting tired. I think I might go to bed and take my phone with me. I don't mind being woken up to the news that I am a Grandma!!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will be back, with pictures of baby Anya!


The Moxley Family said...

By the time you read this, you will probably be a grandma! Congratulations!! I'm praying everything goes smooth!

cheryl said...

Congratulations, Grandma!! She's just perfectly beautiful!!!! I'm proud of Molly, too.. I hope management really appreciates her, also!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the anonymous comment was from me, Holly L. I love Dr. Mercola. My husband doesn't believe much of what he says, so we argue a bit about that, but anyway, lol.

16 blessings'mom said...

Hi Holly! How are you these days?

Anonymous said...

Good!! 17 weeks pregnant with what they say is a girl. We shall see, lol! With 8 boys and only 2 girls, I tend to think they will all be boys. :)