summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

oh lovely day....

I finally sank into my chair and put my feetsies up last night, and started getting to know this new chromebook. I found myself checking out Caribbean vacations. Just looking. Mr. Jonathan peeks over at the screen and said, "Mom, Daddy just spent $250 on you and you are looking at vacations!?" um, be quiet, Jon.

This fine morning, I got up and got out the door bright and early to get my mammogram. Not fun, but hey, with my family history, it feels good to get it done. Now I just have to work on not getting worried about what it will show...

Jonathan is learning fractions/percentages today. We are done for now, have had a pumpkin spice smoothie, and are taking a break. Soon we are going to set out in the sunshine for a nature walk. We want to collect some pretty leaves, and perhaps a fuzzy caterpillar and one of those little newt-like salamanders that I keep seeing when on my walks. The princesses are home today, taking a little break from all the days of school. They really needed it. Yesterday they had a HUGE fight. Apparently, and I hate to say this because someday Camille is going to read it and hate me, but....Miss Char was on the toilet. Camille had to go. Really had to go. Now, I wasn't paying attention at the time, I heard the story later. Char told Camille to go to a different bathroom, but no, she wanted to go in the toilet Charlotte was using. So, she did what anyone would do in her situation, she peed in the sink. uh huh. This started a screaming fit, pitched by Miss Charlotte Claire, telling Camille to GET OUT, which made Camille do what she does best, which is cry loudly. She cried really really loudly while Char screamed at her. NOW I was paying attention. Anyway.

This morning. They really wanted to stay home, and after yesterday's antics, I felt I really needed to spend some time with them. They are tired, and have been gone too much.

Kathryn is making cupcakes with them right now, and some mac-n-cheese for lunch. They are more than thrilled to be home. They dressed up all pretty and played Going Shopping, but I made them put all of Mirielle's shoes right back where they found them Right Now. They don't get bored, they have so much to do around here. Out on the deck they have grass soup for their dollies, and a teacher's desk set up in the living room. Their room is a mess, but they have been playing Barbies in there.

Too bad they didn't sleep in enough, they are very tired out. And tonight is Activity Club at church.

My son Samuel is joining the Army. He has already signed the papers, and is graduating from high school early, in January instead of June. He is scheduled to leave for basic training in July, but is trying to get that date moved to March, because he can't wait. Ugh. I, on the other hand, CAN wait. I do not like this, not one little bit. He is too sweet and kind and innocent.

Well, since I didn't go on my nice horrible long walk this morning, I shall go on one now, even though I would rather sit here and ramble.

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momto9 said...

The whole peeing in the sink. Ha ha! Cracked me up