summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

busy town, usa

I suppose it's good there's never a dull moment. I mean, I am certainly blessed....

New Puppy is settling in. He doesn't go wild with jealousy quite so much when I pet Suri. He is calming down. He doesn't mind Kitty Kitten.

This was taken by Camille, it's my niece Danielle with Charlotte Claire and I. We were at a baby shower for my niece Valerie (my brother and his wife are grandparents again, this little newborn was born early and is doing well for being four pounds nine ounces!).

My niece Olivia and I. Olivia is a sweetheart, she spends lots of weekends here.

My two littlest girls. They certainly have their style preferences. Miss Char likes to be grown-up, never cute. Camille: she likes to be cute.

And pie!!! Yesterday we took a small homeschooling field trip up to the apple orchard and got three big bags of apples. As soon as we got home, I started peeling all different kinds....and made two pies. Now, two pies in our house don't go far, which was my idea of a good idea, considering how much I love pie and how much I need to lose more weight. So two pies I made. I used part butter, part shortening in the crust, and added some extra butter in on top of the apple/flour/cinnamon/sugar mixture before I put the top crusts on. Then I dribbled some milk on the tops and added some granulated sugar, just to make them yummier and a bit sparkly. I am not a measurer, but oh they came out good. Too good. This morning, there was one huge piece left, just the right size for an excellent excuse-filled breakfast. But I really didn't want to eat it. Then I had a great idea: I packed the little girls each a piece for their lunch! There was still some left, a considerably nice piece. I cut it in half. I gave one half to Jon and told him he could have it for breakfast, and finally, I had the last piece. It felt somewhat like a victory, because hey, I was eating just a little piece of pie.

I went on my walk. Every morning I walk by this pondy/swampy area, I enjoy watching it change with the seasons. After my walk, and my yummy breakfast of that last small piece of pie and 12 almonds, and coffee, I was out the door to my dr. appointment.

I hate going to the dr. Hate hate hate it. It seems like a waste of time to go off on my own, too, seeing as I never have enough time to spend with the kids. But Jonathan and Kathryn had lots of work to work on, and Paul was home working from home, so I left them here and went by myself.

Now, I don't really mind going off on my own. I have lots to think about. I almost ran a red light today, thinking about things. oops. Anyway, my appointment went well. My blood pressure was 118/74, my weight was...nah, ain't gonna write that. But it was like 70 pounds lower than it was a few years ago. Anyway, I have to have go to the dermatologist for a questionable thingy on my forehead, go back in for fasting first bloodwork, then a mammogram. Three more outings.

I stopped at BJ's on the way home and got shampoo and conditioner, coffee, crackers, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and fruit snacks. And frozen pizzas for the weekend, I am going to be working at the football game....

It is busy here now. Seven kids home from school, Mirielle home from work, Jon is taking the ball from Char, Camille is eating a bagel and some radishes for after-school snack. They have to all leave for activity club at six, so I have to get some dinner together.....

Oh, I had so much to say, but when I sit here with all this going on, I can't concentrate. Mom, Mom, Mom. Some questions are legit, but Char seriously just asked me if I would rather have the butt I have, or a round one. Of course I said a round one.

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