summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

in which she does get paid....

to clean the laundry room. 87 cents. I also collected bobby pins and a cap eraser, one matchbox car, a few hair ponies, a keychain, some nerf bullets, and hundreds of socks. Seriously. A whole laundry basket with just the white ones. I cleared out clothes that have been in there for years. I bagged up clothes for the thrift store, and for my nephew, and for my other nephew's daughter. I sorted and folded and washed and dryed and sorted some more. I like handing Jon's clothes down to Sean, and handing the princesses' stuff down to Megan.

Yeah, so it took me all the live-long day to do this job, that should give the reader an inkling just how bad our laundry room was. ouchie, yeah, it was bad. Of course, it will never get that bad again, no sir. THIS time, I will keep up with it.

So that's how I spent the first day of my new life, cleaning the laundry room.

I took my morning walk first, and gave Jonathan his assignments for the day. I had a sugar-free pumpkin yogurt with chocolate chips for breakfast, with coffee, and a few almonds. Lunch, another pumpkin yogurt with a few chocolate chips and a few almonds. Plus, when I wandered into the kitchen for a drink of water, I would break off a little bite of burnt chocolate chip cookie...the only ones still left from the triple-batch I made the day before yesterday. Of course I only baked half the cookies that day, and half yesterday, otherwise they would have all been gone the first day.

Anyway, the kids all went to activity club at church, the older ones run groups for the younger ones. Paul and I found ourselves here alone with the two pups. He made me a huge salad, I fried up some bacon, and poured myself a light beer. Yup, then we watched , "Jeopardy" with no interruptions. Oh are we lame, but it was quite relaxing.

My new granddaughter seems to be doing well. She came home from the hospital today, and their border collie was a bit puzzled. She was a bit fussy, and her mama is a bit tired, but Ben says they are doing well. I would love love love to go see them. Not being able to hold my first grandchild is one of the worst agonies I have experienced. It is no consolation that I will see her at Christmas when she is two months old. I want to hold her NOW, when she is still tiny and little. rrrrr.

And...that's all I can say about that for now. But I am sad about it.

The clothes need to be switched, and I have dishes to do....


momto9 said...

Isn't it weird to have no kids at home during activity club? I am also experiencing this for the first time ever!!!! I went for a run and then watched an episode of the duggars:):):)

You new life sounds....well like your old life:) but what thoughts you allow in your mind is what makes the difference!!!! How awesome you got to clean the laundry room without having to worry about who will take care of everyone if you have cancer!!! I'm so happy for you...this clean bill of amazingly awesome!!

Martha said...

I found $22 in the wash the other day, but I think it was probably mine to start with. So far no one has asked if I found any cash. Does that mean I get to keep it? I hope so because I spent some it at the farm market the other day.

16 blessings'mom said...

Tereza, one of the things that crossed my mind when I was waiting for the mammo results was that I didn't want to leave them with such a messy laundry room. And being home with no kids is very very strange, but shh, I kind of enjoy it. Martha, you definitely get to keep the cash. Consider it payment for all those years of doing laundry, but don't try to figure out how much you actually earned per load.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I found 12.00 in my daughters pants today during laundry time. I gave it back though. Should I have kept it? :)


16 blessings'mom said...

Holly, I don't know. Since you knew who it belonged to, it makes it trickier:)