summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, October 24, 2013

stay home today? nope.

First of all, I am very thankful that I get to "stay home". I don't have to work. But that doesn't mean I really actually stay home that much. But to be able to go out and about and help older kids, be available for them, is much appreciated. Today, I am going with Mali. She has a dr. appointment, then has to get new tires on her car, which is really our car, or actually Sam's car. She can't actually afford tires, so Merry Christmas to her. Anyway. I am looking forward to some time with her.

And, the princesses are home from school again today. They went yesterday, then this morning when I woke them up...Camille started barking. That distinctive croup-y bark. No school for her. Miss Char was not sick, she was feeling fine and well, until she realized that Camille was staying home, then she started feeling awful:) So I kept Charlotte Claire home on a whim.

So far they have had a few weddings, complete with fancy dresses, high heels, and invitations. They wasted like 30 envelopes, but as Camille said, "We didn't WASTE them, Mama. We invited people!" They had art class all over the living room floor. They like to waste tape, too, taping several papers together to make one big picture, usually of pretty girls with pretty dresses on.

Then Camille started coughing, or rather barking, so we bundled her up and brought her outside for a few minutes, then gave her a hot steamy shower. She is dressed in warm jammies now, and has been invited to, "chill", in Kathryn's room for a while.

Yesterday...oh we had some fun. I picked Evelyn up early, and off we went. To two thrift stores. I got Miss Char a nice hooded sweatshirt, and Camille a Gymboree vest with a furry hood. One of the girls got a really nice coat for three bucks. I bought some glasses and mugs, and some things for prizes for our church fall feast. I got a really nice sweater for $6.99, which is a lot in a thrift store, but it is from Kohl's, and I love it. It is just what I was looking for.

We also stopped in Subway for lunch, their Buffalo chicken subs are yum. Then to the grocery store for the regular stuff, then to the dollar store for snacks and chocolate. We have an amazing dollar store, a local one, which has all sorts of stuff from brand names to store-brands, stuff that is worth way more than a dollar. I got boxes of 10 granola bars, for the kids for school, and footless tights for the little girls.

Anyway, we had great fun. After putting everything away and making dinner (taco meat tortillas with peppers and onions and cheese), and fresh cauliflower, it was time for the kids to go to activity club at church. But wait, Sam was at P.T. (Future Soldiers in the U.S. Army), and Joseph has his eye that is bothering him, which he self-diagnosed and assured me is going to be fine without a visit to the eye doctor, so....Mirielle was the only driver, and we had too many kids to fit into the I was elected to go. Out the door I went, and, shh, I loved it. I stayed with the group that was baking, pumpkin bread and apple bread, and muffins. I peeled apples for them, and tried just to listen and not interfere, as the young people in the church run these groups....oh it was fun.

The school just called, one of the kids needs to be picked up at school....never a dull one, I tell ya.

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Martha said...

I had several years of never-a-dull-moment. :) I suppose you are destined to have a few more than me. And then again, even Mom can add a bit of excitement to my day once in a while.

Sure did get chilly out there! Yikes!!! That was one cold bus stop today. Guess that means I need to find my winter jacket. I wonder where I put it?