summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, June 17, 2017

even the days when I don't do anything...

I am doing stuff. Cleaning the pool filter, adding some chlorine, backwashing the pump, then wandering around the yard picking up doggy surprises, candy wrappers which of course NO ONE dropped, weeding around the tomato plants, then sweeping the floors and wiping counters and putting some towels in the washer...I had to drive Suzanne to school this was really early, and no other kids were there yet, so we drove over to the Dunkin and got her a few donuts...she was nervous, didn't eat breakfast, and only had a bite of one donut...I told her she would be hungry and happy when her test was over, so to save them.

Anyway. That whole post was YESTERDAY. It got so busy around here I couldn't even write. With Real School ended, and end of the year tests winding down, the three high school girls are here more, and Kathryn has been working from home...and Adrian has been here when he can, finishing up the deck.

Jonathan has a friend over, they pitched a tent in the back yard. Kathryn went to the Dollar General in town last evening and bought them snacks, with Charlotte Claire and Camille. Dollar General, popping up in all the small towns...I want to hate them, but it's a handy can get a bag of dog food if you go to scoop it out of the bin for three dancing wagging doggies, and oops, when did we run out of that? You can get birthday party stuff for a last minute bash, you know how those birthdays sneak up, even though they are on the same day every year.

Today, I am going on an adventure. Abigail and Mirielle, Evelyn,Suzanne, Sonja, Charlotte Claire, Camille, and two of the girls' friends, Carmen and Grace. We are going to Lake Ontario to a nature preserve that I have never been to, on the eastern shore. We are leaving in an hour, so I can blog until the last possible minute, then get ready like a crazy woman.

I have been up for two hours already, Saturday morning, and I am wide awake, thinking of all the things I have to do. Then I got up, and surprise! Somebody got into the bathroom garbage, and whee, scattered it all over the living room! I doubt it was Duke, he doesn't have the energy for that. Suri looked mildly guilty but bored with such shenanigans, so the most likely suspect is: Sunny. She was frolicking in it.

I found myself out on the deck transplanting flower sprouts from a big pot to little pots, then sweeping up the floors, then gathering up towels and putting them in the hamper, refilled the dog food bins with the new 44 pound bag from the warehouse store. Time flies when you're doing all the things that no one else sees to do.

And I still have to get the girls up and pack lunch. I am glad my daughters include me in their adventures. I was going to stay here and be with Paul today, but he says he has lots of stuff to do too, so I should just go and have fun. :)

Our kitchen table is groaning with Stuff For Camp. Every time I think of something to pack, I put it over there. Who knew we could need so much stuff for one week?

It's a beautiful day today, and I have too much stuff going through my head to sit here and enjoy writing, blah. I am going to have to keep my laptop in my bedroom so I can just wake up in the mornings and blog before I face the world, and ha, all these kids of mine! I am loving it, though, you know that. I know how fleeting it is, and each one of them will be moving out at some point, probably, (hopefully a few will want to stay forever...I cannot for the life of me understand those people who can't wait to get them all out the door so they can be Empty Nesters. Maybe in ten years if they're all still here I'll change my tune, but I don't think so) Kathryn is leaving in July, for a year in Norway. Evelyn is leaving July 1st for a month in California with her brother Aaron.

Anyway...I have to get up and get ready....the girls hate when I'm not ready when they get here, oh how the tables have turned.


momto9 said...

Yes doing nothing is literally doing cleaning up around the house all day. Cant remember the last time I actually did nothing. We are thinking of getting a pool...just the kids thats set up for the season with one of those pump filter it worth the mainatanace???
I sent you the invite thing to my blog...hope it worked.

16 blessings'mom said...

I think the pool is worth the maintenance. It keeps them busy, and it's a nice for them to have friends over...if you get a fragile one though, you will have to lay down the rules, which may be hard, especially for boys, no offense, boys:) Our pool is not the sturdiest, so we can't have kids jumping off the ladder or sitting on the sides. If they help with it, and are gentle with it, I think it's really a nice thing for them, and for me, ha.

Cheryl said...

I was just saying to Susan that I wished we could have had a bigger pool when they were younger! Looking back, of course! But we agreed that we wouldn't have gone to your pool all those many times!!