summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, June 8, 2017

where where have I been?

Out and about with Miss Sonja...I am going to be spending some time with this girl, she has to have another surgery on her knee. I try to make the best of appointments and car drives.

This morning I was taking Kathryn over to Emily's house, the internet there actually works, so Kap can work from there...she is a pharmaceutical sales tech person. Anyway. I drove home on the back road, which winds along a pond...the sun was still low in the east, and the pinks and oranges tinted the water, the fields are lush green. It's only five miles to town where they live, and I don't always feel like driving, but I try to enjoy the talk with Kathryn on the way there, and then just bask in the silence on the way home...

The town is repaving our road this spring, and it's actually closed. We drive on it anyway, but sometimes it's tricky with the pavers and dump trucks. We're thinking of going on an outing with Mirielle this fine sunny day, and hopefully when we decide to leave, we can!

The days are winding down to our cabin in the woods vacation...all SIXTEEN kids and spouses will be there! And of course the two little granddaughters:) And, this year, the Grandma/Great Grandma is coming, too! Paul's mom..she will be staying in a motel in the little town, but will be with us during the days. Every time I think of it, I get so excited, then I feel like crying because I love these kids of mine, no matter how old they get. I love seeing them interact, and when we're all on vacation, and we're in the Adirondacks, no one has anywhere to be or needs rides, we're just there. Paul gets to use his brother's boat, so they go out fishing and we have a few kayaks, and the camp provides a canoe. I like sitting on the dock in the sun (I hope we get lots of sun!)

Anyway...our kitchen table, from now to camp time, is a stacking place for things for camp. I have warned the kids not to eat/take anything from the stacks, we'll see. There will be someone, of course, who never heard me say that.

So I have been here, busy, too busy to write...Mali came over with sweet Lydia yesterday...then we had a talent show at church, where Emily and I and Susan made ten pizzas...Buffalo chicken pizza, and barbecued chicken pizza, and cheese and pepperoni pizzas. We served nachos and corn dogs, and Kim made cotton candy.

It was great fun, and Miss Char and Miss Cam with their friend Amanda and cousin Dani won first prize! They sang, "The Star Spangled Banner", and did a gymnastic routine/dance.

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