summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

finally, nice weather!!! a matter of perspective...

I started this post this morning, then Anne here I am 12 hours later.

Vacuuming and mopping and wiping down counters, then sitting in my chair for a breather...then Miss Anne arrived. Miss Camille needed a trip to the library, and yes, I mean NEEDed. She cannot sleep at night without a book, even if she goes to bed really late. I know this because I slept with her when we were in Florida, and even after a long day at the Magic Kingdom, she had to read before going to sleep.

Anyway, Cam, Anne, and I went to the library. Then "real quick" into the grocery store, I wanted some chicken to put on the grill...the warm weather arriving made me think of barbecued chicken.

Then to the pharmacy, the Walgreens, to get some gauze bandages for Jonathan because he has a bad rash/reaction to poison ivy, and Emily says he needs to have it covered up. Emily knows what she's talking about, she graduates on Friday, and is a Nurse Practitioner...she still needs to take her boards, but she is DONE with school!

Home...ah, home. Anne took a nap, I mopped the floors again because we had a few extra doggies visiting, Margaret and Adrian's. Then we spent some time outside. Ashley came over with baby Elise and little Anya. We enjoyed the sunshine, and when Anne woke up, she came out to play too.

The chicken was par-boiled, then I grilled it before heading to the Walmart to meet the guy from craigslist who was taking the last kitten. Don't worry, I screened the ad responders well, and this guy was really nice. He and his wife had a cat for 14 years, and after it died, they couldn't bring themselves to get another, they loved their cat so much...then they saw the pic of our kitten, and because she was raised with the Labradors, they decided it was the kitten for them...they have a 10 year old dog, all gentle and kind, who used to snuggle with their old cat...I think I found a good home for kitty.

So 24 pieces of chicken doesn't go too far around here, but I set a piece aside before I left. Suzanne drove to Walmart, she needs to take her driving test soon.

There are kids here wanting to talk to me, and it's too distracting to write anything goodnight, and maybe tomorrow I'll get something worthwhile written...

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An American Housewife said...

"Jonathan because he has a bad rash/reaction to poison ivy, and Emily says he needs to have it covered up."

From 20 years experience with this and 1 of my kids in particular who was prone to find any and all poison ivy if it was in a 50 foot radius of us!.... This is the absolute best thing you can do - (again; I know this from experience! I'm not just passing along 'something I read on the internet' LOL) The internet hardly even existed back then. ;)

Wash the area with Dawn dishwashing soap (blue) and then pat dry and spread a little bit more with enough water to make it liquidy (it will be a light layer of foamy white as you spread it over the area) leave it - don't wipe or rinse - cover the area and then put your gauze cover over.

The poison ivy spreads by oils; the Dawn will wash away them but then when you cover it and let it alone to dry and not rinse, it keeps those oils from spreading, helps dry it up and it heals right up.