summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2018

i'm dating myself here...

But do you remember Farah Fawcett? I was an impressionable teen when she was at the height of her fame, and that's how I wanted MY hair. She was simply the standard of beauty at that time...way back in the seventies. I remember being in Kmart and seeing a poster of her, and feeling so frumpy. (It is NOT just today's girls with the internet influence, who struggle with insecurity!). Anyway. Fast-forward, and here I am, never did get that hair right, am even frumpier, and she's passed away...and the worst part of it, is that she has a son, 33 now, who is in jail again, he has a drug addiction. He has been in and out for years, was released for a few hours back when she died, for the funeral.

All that glitters is not gold, and I never knew she had a son who struggled like this, and now I feel bad for her, very sorry for her, the very woman I had envied so much when I was 14.

Anyway. Here I am, ready for little Anne to come over.

Yesterday, Mali visited with Lydia, and Mali set up the new water table. Ashley came over with baby Elise and Anya, then when Anne was picked up, her big brother Davian got out of the car and asked if he could stay a while. Having the little kids here makes the house seem extra home-y.

After everyone left, Suzanne and Sonja and I decided to go for ice cream. They had already had some after school, but I have been wanting some, and don't want to just have any old ice cream, I wanted the real stuff. So we went to a local cafe, they get their ice cream from Basset's in Pennsylvania, and no, I am not getting paid to say: delish. I had one scoop of birthday cake bash, and one scoop of Lake Effect, which is vanilla with coconut and almonds, with surprise chunks of chocolate...on a homemade waffle cone. Later when I was expressing my regrets at eating that ice cream cone, Sonja K. said, "Well, you didn't have to have two scoops." ha. Yes, dear, I did. It was soooooo good. From now on, I am not having any dessert or sweet at all unless it's a really really good one. Can I just say how good it was?

We then went to Walmart for bananas and pepperoni and cheese and bagels and cashews and a new pool skimmer, and girl stuff...can I also say without embarrassing any daughters, that it could seriously break the bank, how many monthly supplies we have to buy? Five of them at home getting it, and they of course get on the same schedule, which makes it very interesting around here.

Can I please complain for a minute about my husband working from home? He is on a new schedule, because he is doing a project in Singapore. He works from 2 in the afternoon until ten at night. But, he takes calls in the morning, and is sitting there at the counter in the kitchen talking and straightening things out, whatever it is he does for work, ha. And we sort of have to be quiet, and I feel like I have to keep busier, because shh, I sit around too much.

Then he's gone for dinner, and comes back home in time to go to bed. I don't love it. But I am thankful he has a job, and a good job, and that I don't have to work. I am really really thankful for that.

Although I wish I was paid for writing this blog. That would suit me just fine.

Tomorrow is Charlotte Claire's birthday. She is turning 12 years old. We should probably plan a birthday bash, eh? We are already thinking of going to the pool. This is a soccer tournament weekend for the kids 15 and younger, so our weekend is full. Then on Sunday, some of us are driving up to Ottowa, Canada, for a sister's youngest daughter of the seven, is getting married...last one, seven girls will all be married.

It's rainy here today...I did fit my walk in before it started, four days in a row!


An American Housewife said...

I think I was 9 when I fell in love with Farrah hair. I had a book I ordered from the schoolastic book order that was all about her and had a section in it about how her hair is cut. I had long blonde hair down to my waist. I begged my Mom over and over to please cut my hair like hers to 'feather'. She finally gave up and said OK. I was so excited, I told my teacher, I told my friends, I told everyone at school I was going to get a Farrah Faucett haircut.

My Mom was not a stylist by the way. But our family never went to have our hair cut. She cut all my brothers hair and my Dads; and I was the only girl. I'd never been to a real stylist.

So that afternoon, she cut. And cut and cut.

And when I looked in the mirror I looked pretty much like one of my three brothers. My hair was about 1 1/2 inches long all the way around. I sobbed my little heart out.

I went for a walk outside. While I was walking, my Dad was coming home from work and passed me on the street. He passed by thinking it was some 'boy' walking down the street. Not his daughter...

I prayed every night for about a month for Jesus to please please let my hair grow back overnight..... and I think, even after all these years, I still haven't gotten over that haircut.

Ah yes... your post brought back some memories.

Kara said...

I only have two daughters who need "supplies" but between them and me, I spent $50 this month. It seems we all ran out, and we all have individual preferences and needs.

16 blessings'mom said...

Oh my goodness, I feel sorry for that little girl with her high hopes. My mother also cut my hair, she thought the Cut'n Curl was a waste of money. She tried to feather my bangs, and one of my friends told me I should stop having my mother cut my hair. I wouldn't even think of asking to go somewhere though, that's just how it was. I finally had my hair cut at Cost Cutters before Margaret's wedding...I was 51 years old. I just trim it myself, usually. Anyway, that's quite a story. I bet your mom felt awful. I did it to Camille, too, I thought I would layer her hair, ha. I had to take her to Cost Cutters at the tender age of 9.
Kara, we also have our individual preferences, although I am sort of out of the game now, :) It's one area where,though I will use coupons, I try to get them really good stuff, because it's hard enough to be a teenage girl, but add the periods, and !!!!!,