summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, September 9, 2019

just lovely...

I was the driver on Saturday for our wine tour. We took it nice and slow. At one winery, there were loaves of fresh baked bread from a bakery in Skaneateles, and the girls enjoyed some while taking a break from tasting. I fasted for most of the day, then imbibed in some cajun trail mix in the early afternoon, yum.

We took a long walk at Taughannock Falls.

Ahh, getting to the Airbnb is always fun! We decided to order pizza and wings for dinner, and I had a slice and some wings, as well as a glass or two of wine. We watched The Glass Castle, which is based on a memoir of a girl raised in a poor family. They moved about the country trying to evade and avoid CPS. It was though provoking and provided us endless conversation fodder.

Yesterday, on the way home, we stopped at a few more wineries on Cayuga Lake. Abigail drove, so I got to taste a few things.

It was nice to get home. It's nice to be away, and nice to get back home.

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Marilyn said...

Hi Della! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your girls. These times are very precious so we must enjoy them. Your pictures are lovely. We watched The Glass Castle on Saturday night too!! Fancy that!! I read the book many years ago and it was good. It is thought provoking, isn’t it? I remember after reading the book I thought about it for quite a long time........ Yes it’s nice to go away, but lovely to come back to the family. Did you buy some wine? I did when I was away with my daughter. We bought some for Christmas dinner from the SILVER SAGE WINERY. The wine has some sage in’s a white wine.......and it’s delicious. It’s the only wine of its type anywhere. We thought it would be wonderful with turkey and dressing......mmmmmmmm...........yum! We are off to the children’s hospital today with our lovely lab, Bindi, to visit the children there, so I’d better get moving here. Have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada