summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

ahhh, so good!

 No news about the car yet, but I do have a sweet rental, a nice new Camry.  Rental car prices have gone up, big surprise, so now I have to pay extra for any car I get, back in March I had to pay extra to get that Jeep.  The lady at the agency said that over the weekend, they were charging $119 a day for a small rental car, a compact car.  wowza.

But it's all the unvaccinated people's fault!  It's not the lockdowns, the mandates, the laws, rules, taxes, unemployment, the shutdown of the pipeline.   It used to be Trump's fault, all of it.   Oh sorry, snarky morning.

I AM rooting for the pilots and airline personal who seem to be taking a stand.  

I am also praying for the healthcare workers in New York State who are seeking religious exemption, today is the decision, and if it denied, do you know what?  One extremely central and important cancer treatment center  (serves the whole of central NY, plus surrounding areas) will be losing many employees, many kind and well trained, compassionate employees.  "They're replaceable!"  That's what our kind and thoughtful governor thought, the one who has a daughter-in-law employed as a pharmaceutical lobbyist.  It couldn't play out any crazier in a novel!  Truth is stranger than fiction.  In local news, a man from northern NY state had extreme abdominal pain, and finally went to the emergency room at a major hospital in Syracuse.  He waited 17+ hours to be seen.  


This is extremely good news!!!   

And, that's the end of the Rant Of The Day.    Way back when, just a few years ago, when there were still two sides to ever issue...ha.

Anyway.   Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I went out and about with three of my daughters.  We visited the cemetery, little baby Robert William's grave, which is too sad for words.   I felt a little bad insisting on going there, but through the years I have not gone much, because surprise, no one really wants to.  The girls were good about it.  We then went to the park and walked around a bit in the sunshine.

Owasco Lake, one of the beautiful Finger Lakes...

We went to the thrift store afterwards, then for a coffee, then...home.  As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I remembered that we had to pick up the rental car (we were in Paul's truck). oops.  So back to the city we went, this time I went in the dollar store all by myself.  (I needed paint brushes for activity club, we are painting pumpkins tonight!)

I like to have three trips planned at all times.:)  This weekend is the girls' getaway on a small lake in western NY state, then the trip to Florida for Halloween, then in November, Mariel and I are going to Oregon for a long weekend to visit Kathryn.  Our trip to Hawaii in January was canceled, the flights were canceled, hmm, wonder why.  We're trying to figure out a different vacation, maybe Florida.

Goals, right?  These two don't worry about too much, although they do get hopeful faces when Paul picks up his keys and wallet.  They also know the sound of the peanut butter jar lid coming off, and come-a-running.  Treats!  Life is just naps, bye-bye, treats, some belly rubs, and lots of pats on the head...Suri especially, she's all about getting pet.  

Today, I finally called and scheduled the dreaded mammogram.  It's not the mammo that's so dreaded really, it's the results.  I have such a strong family history, it's almost a given that one of these days...and it's not that I love my boobs, it's that I hate dr. appointments, hospitals, the whole shebang, but hey, who doesn't?  

If you ever find yourself to be a procrastinator, be comforted, I am worse.  It only took me a month to make that appointment, and to call the insurance to confirm that the Cologard test is covered, and yes it is, now I just have to well...never mind.  (but hey, it's better than going in for a colonoscopy, I guess...)

Ah well, it's another gorgeous day out there....


Sandi said...

"It's not the lockdowns, the mandates, the laws, rules, taxes, unemployment, the shutdown of the pipeline."

It's all bananas.

Unknown said...

Good morning 🍁🍁 Lovely and sunny here today but only 4C 🥶🥶🥶🥶 I too am a procrastinator I’m sad to say………….I can think about something for ages. Oh well………. Yes going for the mammogram isn’t the most fun thing to do, is it? Don’t you just love it when you are all squashed in and she dashes out to take the picture and says “don’t move”!! I would like to know how you could move!! 😳😬

You have some lovely trips planned……….good for you! Im going to the big island of Hawaii in March with my girls! My one girl has a house there right on the water…so that’s some to look forward to.

You have a lovely day!

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Michelle said...

You are so funny…I’m laughing about the colonscopy thing. Have you ever had one? Having had the unfortunate experience twice (and I’m not even 50 yet!) I agree that the Cologuard is a better choice, ha ha.

I went for a routine mammo a few months ago and got the dreaded call to come back in for an ultrasound. Ended up being benign cysts, but still, just getting that callback is stressful. All of medical care is, I guess. No wonder we procrastinate!

Terri D said...

My mammogram is always in July. Glad it's over until 2022. I have a colonoscopy every five years. The next one is also 2022. Family history. Loved your photos! You and the girls look fabulous! xo

Katherine Donahue said...

Oh I hate doctor appointments too. Now that I am getting older, the thought of going in for mammos and scopies is all looming over my head. Wish I could just avoid them, but can't. So here I am taking inspiration from you.

Linda said...

"It's not the lockdowns, the mandates, the laws, rules, taxes, unemployment, the shutdown of the pipeline."---girl, you have me just a laughing. All these games the government is playing with folks lives (including mine)...sigh...ANYWAYS...Thanks for the many smiles.