summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, October 8, 2021

omg, when you get that dreaded phone call...

 ...but everything is okay, no one is hurt, thankful, that's the important thing.   I'll get right to the point, Sonja was involved in another car crash, but she is okay, if OKAY means slightly traumatized and a bit hysterical.  You can't blame her.  She went to college this morning, turned in clinical paperwork, then went to get a coffee before heading back to work at the office in the college.  She was driving along, and an old lady pulled right out and hit her.  Sonja tried moving out of her way, and honking the horn, but the lady just plowed right into her.  The collision was at low speeds, and if Sonja weren't defensive driving, it could have been worse.   

So there I was, sitting in my chair so comfortably with a second cup of coffee steaming hot, when she called...just seeing her name on my phone, calling me when she's at college, I was already like WHAT NOW, because you know me, calm-cool-collected NOT.   I go from zero to somebody died in like 2 seconds flat.  So when I answered the call, my mommy senses were already tingling, and when I said hello, and was greeted with Mom!  Mom...someone hit me, car accident...yup, my legs went to jelly and I did what every wife of a working from home dad would do, I went and got him and made him drive into the city with me...I was still on the phone with Sonja when I walked into his office saying, " least you're okay, that's all that matters..."  

Poor Paul.  It's not our first rodeo, with car accidents and kids.  I won't bore rehashing old accidents, but his truck was totaled just in the spring, deer ran right into it (poor Sonja was driving).  Then a car turned in front of Jonathan and I, as we were innocently going straight at a green light through an intersection, then...never mind, I just said I wasn't going to do this.

But.  The important thing is that she's okay.  The other woman was issued a ticket, and was clearly at fault,  (that poor lady!  Sonja said she didn't even seem fazed by what happened, she said she was looking the other way...and didn't see Sonja...)and the police officer, bless his kind heart, was so good to Sonja.  He told her he has been in his share of accidents and that it's hard to get back behind the wheel, but at least she's okay.

So the car went bye bye  on the tow truck to the land of broken cars, and we'll find out the damages soon enough, hopefully she can be repaired, because I love my car. 

The way that tire is sticking out is concerning, and lots of fluids were leaking from underneath.
I hope the frame isn't bent.
From this side she's gorgeous.  wah.

It is a beautiful day, and today I'll be going to help Emily with food prep for tonights's amazing roast beef dinner, for the kick off of the couples' weekend.  

Sonja will probably be bent out of shape, I mean, Mom's blogging about the accident already!  It's hard to balance their privacy with what's my life, my story.  (One man's trauma is another man's blog trauma.  Della W.).   But shh, I was traumatized too, slightly.  I know, I know, Drama Queen here, but it is scary to get that call, and poor Miss Sonja K.  I can't even tell you about the coffee that flew all over the car, it's too sad.  

So keep your hair clean, and for heaven's sake, don't walk around the house in anything you wouldn't want to show up at an accident scene in!  For the record, I didn't change into "bye-bye" clothes, but my sweatpants were clean, and so was my hair...all down and tangly, but clean ha.


Unknown said...

Oh Della I’m so sorry about Sonia! 😢😢 But at least no one was hurt……just your car 😢😢 Yes, we’ve all had that awful call at some time where our stomach turns over.

Your weekend will be lovely 😊 Enjoy!

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Anonymous said...

We're allowed to age discriminate younger people but not older people when it comes to driving! Meanwhile, the most dangerous people I've seen on the road are elderly people who aren't paying attention, can't hear or see right, etc.

I'm glad everyone is okay, though.

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way

Betty said...

Sending prayers your way

Anonymous said...

Oh Della!
Oh Sonja! Can't get a break 😟
That is hard news. I hope she can recover from this newest trauma, and you can, too. Hugs

Terri D said...

Definitely a tough one for any parent. I am so glad your sweet Sonja is okay. Keep us posted on the car, please! Happy weekend and praise God! xo

16 blessings'mom said...

You all are so kind, thank you for prayers. Sonja is too funny, when she called me all hysterical, the lady who hit her was standing right there when Sonja said, "An old lady ran right into me!" We laughed our heads off about that last night. I really hope the car is fixable because cars have gotten so much more expensive in the last year, and we wouldn't be able to replace it, it would have to be an older model with more miles for what the insurance would give us, but since I don't believe in jumping off bridges until we come to them, I'll just wait and see, fingers crossed ha.

Michelle said...

I’m so glad Sonja is okay! It is the worst feeling of dread getting those phone calls. I hope your beloved car is able to be repaired, not totaled.