summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

....and, home sweet home!


These two are coming this weekend from Virginia, can't wait!!!!
Miss Sonja K., all ready for a day of nursing school!  

Just the wax burner lantern!
The diced potatoes, tossed in rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper, with broccoli...mmm.  I didn't take a pic of the chicken, but it was quite good.

Tonight, not sure if I'm going to grill pork chops or have some leftovers...we don't LOVE pork, but right now it's the cheapest.  The chops are marinating in vinegar, rosemary, salt and pepper, they'll be pretty good.

Camille and I went to Target this morning.   We had a few other errands, so we were out anyway...we didn't get much, because there ISN'T much, but we used the $5 off of $25 Good and Gather brand to stock up on chocolate chips, and seltzers.  

Here's something interesting:

All I've wanted in this whole Covid debacle is truth.  Have you heard that the unvaccinated are spreaders?  They are hospitalized more?  These numbers don't back that up.  Numbers don't lie.
(18 hospitalized, 12 VAX-ED, 6 UN-VAX-ED). 

That being said, I am really working on not being worked up about it all.  I have friends who tend to trust the government, and believe all they are told, and I still love them.  

Tonight is Activity Club, we are playing on the play ground, then with play dough.  :)


Terri D said...

I enjoyed my visit here! Love the photos. The broccoli and potatoes look yummy! I rarely marinate my meats but you are convincing me that I need to do that! Have a good week! xo

Kristi said...

Here in California, it seems to be much different. We have 313 in our counties hospitals yesterday. We are in central california so not considered as big as Los Angeles county or the San Francisco Bay Area but still consistent in the numbers.

“Since Jan. 21, 97.2 percent of all local cases have occurred in unvaccinated individuals, according to KCPH. The Health Department says roughly 97.5 percent of hospitalizations occur in the unvaccinated.”

Michelle said...

Those numbers are strange but seem to be what’s becoming the norm, more vaxxed than unvaxxed hospitalizations. In my area of Florida, our hospital system reported every day during the surge (August/Sep), and it was mostly unvaccinated that were hospitalized and icu/vents here. The vaccinated ones had other issues like immune compromised from cancer treatments (according to the hospitals).

But it does look like the vaccines are losing any effectiveness they (maybe?) had in the first few months. And if 2 shots didn’t help the immune compromised, why would a 3rd?

I’m vaccinated, but don’t have much confidence in it and I definitely like the direction we’re going with forcing these on people. And are we all (including pregnant women, young children) going to be forcing to do boosters every 6 months too?? It’s concerning.

Linda said...

Your dinner looks good, I bought some calzones from my employer and will heat those up for dinner, since hubby had dental surgery--he will have soup (he doesn't care for calzones anyways).

145 new cases since Friday here in Steuben County. 2 deaths (both vaccinated), total deaths since this started 221 (that's 0.024% of total population of this county). AND I am done listening to the fear mongering and the lies being told. Folks are still buying into the "if your vaccinated you can't get sick", total lie. Don't get me going...anyways, feel free to delete my comment. I am just done with it. My thought, the government has no plans of letting this go, nope.

Unknown said...

Hi Della ……… lucky you having those precious grandchildren come to visit. They are gorgeous, but you know that already. Sonja looks so cute in her nurse uniform 🥰

Things here are getting better with Covid, but still 90% of people being admitted with Covid are unvaccinated. Hopefully things will continue to improve with the increase of people being vaccinated here. It is still extremely busy in the ER and ICU and the staff are totally exhausted. My daughter is working extra shifts and is totally exhausted 😩 It’s so sad and I worry about her and her colleagues………….😔😔

Have a great evening.

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Katie said...

Hi Della! Don’t need to publish this but I wanted to raise it because I’d want someone to point out to me in the same if I had something posted that wasn’t necessarily accurate.

The numbers you’re using here aren’t really significant without attached percentages of the population that are vaccinated / unvaccinated. If you have (pardon me for using dumbed down numbers because MY math isn’t great especially before coffee!) a population of 1000 vaccinated and 100 non vaccinated then 10 cases of vaccinated persons hospitalized is a 1% rate vs 5 non vaccinated representing a 5% rate. So 1% of vaccinated folks and 5% of non are then getting hospitalized. On the flip side if you have 100 vaccinated and 1000 non, then you have a 10% rate vs a .5% rate.

Again, you do NOT need to publish this and I am not trying to embarrass you or start a political fight in your space! Just pointing out that the numbers you’re relying on don’t necessarily indicate what you say they do unless you also have more info. So while the data you’re basing your claim on isn’t wrong, it is incomplete and conclusions based on it aren’t really indicative of whether more vaccinated or unvaccinated people get hospitalized.

Anyway. I’m conflicted about even sending this because I don’t want to be political or critical (polcritical?) but I would like to know if it was me and I had made an interpretation based on incomplete data. So, I hope you take this in that spirit.

Best wishes for a beautiful fall!

16 blessings'mom said...

Katie, no need to worry, you are right! Here in Cayuga County, the vac. rate is 54%. I don't want political fights either, I just want to be able to state what the facts are. The numbers of vaccinated testing positive is high here too. :)