summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

oh so lazy!

 I can't seem to get up and get moving again, I'm stuck in my chair!  My life has been a whirlwind, so give me some downtime, and I will take it.  Yesterday I had the boys over, they spent the night on Monday.  We have too much fun.  They are enjoying Little House in the Big Woods, I like reading to little ones.  Wulf settles right in on the arm of my chair, Tennyson starts out there then be-bops around playing with things, listening with one ear.  

They like helping to make their bed, on the futon in the living room, while I make mine on the couch across from them.  We bring out the fan, and get all comfy...then the silly nonsense begins.  It was a while before they were actually asleep.  

Yesterday, we had waffles...Tenny wanted waffle bowls, and Wulf wanted heart waffles. 

With sprinkles, of course.

He was trying so hard not to smile, Mr. Wulf

Charlotte Claire, Camille, and I took them to the thrift store yesterday.  Wulf found a Nerf Bow, and Ten got a truck with Duplo blocks in it.  Char found black Levis and a pink sweater.  Then to the grocery store quick for a gallon of milk, and a donut for the boys.

Home...I made dinner:  pork chops marinated in some lime juice, baked with a mixture of brown sugar and corn starch sprinkled on top, with chopped apples and onions....then broiled to caramelize it...mmm.  Also, a sheet of cubed red skinned potatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, all nice and crispy.  

Hurry though, we had to get to Activity Club!  

Last night I was so tired...wouldn't you know the cat woke me up in the wee hours?  ugh.  I got up to let him out, and Suri ran out...took her sweet time, I finally got coat and boots on and went out on the deck to call her...she's just old and slow, like someone else I know.  

I had to get up to go to the pool anyway, so blah.  I am so very thankful for the pool though.  It was fantastic today.  

Home...but not for long!  Sonja needed an oil change, so off we went, Charlotte Claire, Camille, their friend Amanda, and me.  

(Cam, Sonja, Amanda, Char)

Target first...they got bathing suits, 30% off...I got a pair of Levi's, I don't much like wearing jeans, they have to be baggy these days, ugh, but oh well, I found some really reasonable that fit reasonably well.  I also got a pair of loose green sweatpants type pants that will be good for traveling in.  We got a package of chicken, and some tomatoes, so exciting ha.  

I have to go make dinner in a few minutes, but am staying home tonight.  Tomorrow morning, I'm going to Ollie's with my friend Annetta... 

Monday:  a visit from Achilles and Rhys, some cartoons with Grandpa
This was around a hundred dollars...but there are two sets of twin sized sheets in there.
Camille made chocolate cake from scratch...I didn't taste it, but it looked scrumptious.
I took a break from the comfy chair and vacuumed...then puttered around cleaning up, then made dinner, burgers.   Jon is making chocolate chocolate chip cookies, then taking the girls to their Norwegian lesson.  Sonja is leaving for work, and Paul is getting home from the dump.  I'm looking forward to a quiet evening, I might almost fall asleep in this comfy chair.  Have a good evening, all!


Terri D said...

Oh my goodness, that cake looks delicious! Della, you are always so busy!! Those kids are so cute. Glad you got to the pool!!

Marilyn said...

Hello Della 😊 You have been busy indeed! No wonder the kids love coming to grandma’s house………it’s so much fun!! Can I come too?? I know what you mean that’s it’s hard to get out of the big comfy chair………I’m sitting in mine now waiting for my brekkie to cook. Here’s what I’m making…..mash a banana then mash in an egg. Mix it really well then I have a mixture of chia seeds, hemp seeds and buckwheat kernels and add a bit if that, about a level tablespoon, and some blueberries and make it into pancakes. It’s so sweet you don’t put anything in them. Yummy! So I’m going to eat them now!!

Have a lovely weekend 🥰

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦