summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, July 4, 2009

a crappy life....

Yeah, I have a crappy life. Courtesy of this innocent little child. She took her poopy diaper off outside in the wagon, and played in it for a few minutes until I noticed what she was up to. Gross. Yesterday, Charlotte Claire pooped in her underwear. Which I double-bagged and threw in the garbage. (when the cashier asks me "plastic or paper?".....I always go for the plastic...environment or not, I need those bags...) This sweet little girl went in and got my camera for me to take some pictures of Ben and Abigail helping with the pool liner...
Here is Abigail. This is a big job. Paul cut up the old liner and threw it over the sides. He sent Abigail to the hardware store for some sand...she came home with the stuff they recommended, and it seemed to grainy. So he is there now returning it. The new liner seems much thinner than the old one, but it has a 25 year guarantee. hmm. I hope it is sturdy.

We had lots of fun at the school pool last night. It sort of answered my queston of whether I could take them by myself or not. It was the seven youngest. It would be completely do-able if it were not for Camille Anaya. She is a busy girl. She was done swimming, and wanted out. Paul followed her as she wandered around the perimeter of the pool......the deep end is 13ft. deep. If I was there alone, I would have to leave the other kids to do that. Charlotte Claire was clingy when we first got there, then she realized that she could float in her floaty suit. She then did not want me to even touch her. She was just one big smile. Kathryn and Evelyn could dive into the deep end....
That will be the interesting part when we get the pool up and going again. It will be like the old days. None of the kids here are old enough to watch the younger ones in the pool. (Abigail will be here for another week, then she is going to stay with a friend of ours whose husband is in the Army, and is due for a baby in August).....Margaret is not old it will be like the old days when I had to get everyone out of the pool to go put Camille in for a nap, or change her or whatever.
Well, happy 4th of July! Independence Day. We are cooking out for dinner....just Paul and I and the seven dogs and coneys and marshmallows. Well, maybe I don't have a crappy life after all.....`

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holly said...

dang, that is one big pool!!!!!!!! wow....I am in awe.