summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

isn't it pie-day?


12 of the pies, Davian went home with two.  The lighter colored pumpkin is sugar free, for me.  The blueberry is Sonja's creation.  I make a messy pie, but I think they'll be you can see, we already dug into one of the apple pies.  I promised Davian he could have some pie before going home, as he helped us today.  He brought an apple and a pumpkin home, and he loves apple pie so much...
As usual, I didn't take photos...but Carmen and Amanda, the girls' friends, came over too.
The apple pies...
Davian and Sonja, with Miss Carmen in the background...
Mmmm, pumpkin pies!

So I took a trip to the Apple Lady's today, then to Walmart, all by myself.  I got black olives for tomorrow, and one more can of whipped cream, some air fryer food (pizza pockets, mozzarella sticks, and mini corndogs) and a few Christmas presents.  

It was a busy day, but oh dear it flew by!  Sonja was such a blessing, she prepared the food in the air fryer, and served it with cucumber slice, and celery.   Okay, it wasn't a balanced dinner, but we were drowning in pies ha.

So my last blog post was disjointed, and incorrect.  The early days of being a mama WERE precious to me, I just didn't know yet how fast the time would fly by.  

Ah well, I'm yawning and the kids are watching a show I am not interested in (K-Drama anyone?  Yes, Korean dramas....ugh.)

It's nice to be invited to Ben and Ashley's house for dinner, they are so very hospitable, and their house feels so comfortable, like home.  I am super thankful for family...


Joybells said...

Yay for Davian's pies! He is a boy after my own heart. Growing up, it wasn't Thanksgiving without at least 6 pies on the sideboard. I was just looking at a picture from those days and I counted 9 pies. Although you've got us beat with 12! Wow!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm sorry Sam & Co couldn't make it. Hopefully for Christmas...

Joy from Salem

Unknown said...


Have a great day with your family Della!! Your pies 🥧 look amazing!!

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of pie, almost a pie a person. Do you give them to take home or are they all gone by the evening?


Terri D said...

Those pies all look amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!!

16 blessings'mom said...

Joy, thank you, I hope you had a nice warm cozy day too!
Marilyn, thank you!!!!
Kristi, it IS a lot of pie!!! Too much pie! It was a blast though, to have so much. Emily is working in the ICU tomorrow, so she is bringing one nice apple pie for the nurses there. We put a dent in it...I had one small piece of the sugar free pumpkin, and just tastes of: blueberry and apple, and chocolate espresso...( Besides my 12 pies, Ashley made a cherry pie, and a chocolate pie, Mariel made a chocolate espresso pie and a chocolate peanut butter pie, and Abigail and Camille made a lemon meringue. So there weren't 12 pies, there were 17, ha.) I left some there for Ben and Ashley, and sent some home with our Norwegian friends...we have several left, but they will get eaten, shared with friends.
Thank you Terri, I hope you had a good day too!