summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, November 12, 2021

well, that didn't turn out like we planned....

 I am supposed to be heading for the airport right now, all packed, in my comfy travel clothes.  Instead, I'm sitting in my comfy chair, in my comfy stay-at-home clothes, listening to the rain pelt down on the metal roof.  Oregon is not happening this weekend for Mariel and I, because someone out there tested positive.  Covid has changed our lives in so many ways.  This person is not very sick, like a mild flu or cold, and in our previous lives, we would have just gone anyway, especially where airline tickets were concerned.

But our lives have changed, and I am not going to whine about it too much.  I am sad, I am bummed, I am sorry for them too, but there's not much we can do about it. 

Samuel is done with the Army, without any bells and whistles, no ceremonies or plaques.  It was fitting that his last day ever was on Veteran's Day.  He ended up having the day off, so we went out and about.  We did a Target pick up:  they had chocolate chips for buy one get one free, so I bought eighteen bags, for $18.   We are set on those for a while!  We drove over to Texas Roadhouse, for a drive-through voucher give-away for military, Sam signed a big Thank You sign, and the girls there all thanked him for his service.  I thought that was super nice.  We went to McDonalds, and he got a free Big Mac.

He's staying through the weekend, part of it anyway, to help Benjamin install a new furnace at Joseph and Bethany's house.  

I've started online Christmas shopping a bit, to whittle down the immensity of buying for 34 people.  The grandkids are done, I am not getting them a lot, as they already have lots, and I give them things throughout the year.   My plan is to give each of the older kids, and their spouses one thoughtful thing, maybe two, then more for the kids who live here.  

It's a dark rainy day, a delicious day for being inside.  I have put up more white lights in here, and wow, coziness!!!  

Our oven isn't working, but Paul is pretty sure he knows what is wrong, and has ordered the part for it.  The other day I made two chicken pot pies, and two pumpkin pies for dessert (one sugar-free!), and put them in the oven...hmm, wait a minute!  The oven wouldn't warm up!  Dang it!  Samuel and I packed those pies up, even the soupy pumpkin ones, and brought them over to Emily/Abigail/Mariel's house, and put them in their oven.  We had a nice cozy visit with them while the aroma of chicken pot pie wafted through their house...we shared with them while the pumpkin pies baked, then left to feed the poor kids here who kept texting me about dinner, ha.

Last night, we had a beef roast and a venison roast in the crock pot.  I put a packet of gravy mix in there, and some strips of bacon on the meat.  It was pretty good, although I am not a venison fan.  We had microwaved russet potatoes, too....

Tonight, we are making pizza, and I have some chicken...thinking of making honey ginger with a dash of cayenne, and some Buffalo sauce....chicken wings are so pricey right now, we'll just have chicken breast chunks.

My goodness, the dogs are snoring!  It was pouring rain this morning, and they were super hesitant to go out in it.  They'll be full of energy later, will want to fetch and wrestle and romp around.  I myself could snore right about now, I'm not really tired, but it's so dark and rainy...and shh, I love it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get to go on your trip!
Our dishwasher is on the fritz, only works at certain times, my husband is trying to figure out what it is...then yesterday we found that our back burner on our stove doesn't work. I said the oven must have been jealous of all the attention given to the dishwasher, ha.
Have a nice weekend! Sounds cozy there.

Unknown said...

Hi Della………what a bummer about your little trip 😔 I hope whoever is sick is better soon. It’s always so disappointing when you have looked forward to something and you have to cancel. We go for our booster today…………

So Sam is done with the army…..what are his plans for the future? You mentioned they were moving back to NY sometime, so that will be lovely for you all?

We hav bright sunshine, but zero C and a wind 🥶🥶🥶 My hubby said it’s rather chilly out there 🥶🥶🥶 You have a wonderful day.

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

Joybells said...

I'm sorry your trip didn't work out! I know you were looking forward to it. We've had to cancel so many plans this fall too. I guess we are learning to be flexible.

It's a dark, cozy day here too. There's a flood warning in effect and oddly, it's almost 60 degrees. Think I might sneak in some late-season yard work! I love hearing about all the good food you make for your crew. :) I looked at chicken wings yesterday and yes, they are pricey!! Good idea on the chicken breast chunks. Have a great weekend, Della!

Joy from Salem

Linda said...

Awww I am so sorry about not going to Oregon. It was pouring rain here around 2 am ish and since I was sitting up on the couch snoozing off and on, it was a very pleasant sound to listen too. Oh no on the oven, so sorry. Hope Paul can fix and thank your son for his service from us. smiles

Billie Jo said...

Sorry about your trip, my friend. Sounds like you are cozy and content. And I am with you. I love those dark rainy, stormy, cozy days. I am also trying to be more intentional in my gift-giving this year. I have started shopping online and am trying to remember to keep a list of what I ordered! Have a cozy weekend!

Mari said...

I'm so sorry your trip got cancelled. I'm so sick of covid too. There's a lot of it around us right now, including quite a few cases at the rehab unit I work at. Most people aren't too sick there either.

Terri D said...

Oh, heck. I'm so sorry about your trip and sorry that the family out there is dealing with covid. I think everyone is sick of it. I sure am. Have a good weekend in spite of the change in plans. xo

16 blessings'mom said...

Valerie, it seems the appliances just take turns acting up. I mentioned to Paul the other night that it was too bad the oven was broken, because I want a new dryer. He looked at me like I was crazy, the dryer is fine! Well, sometimes it takes all day to dry a load, because it just stops after a few minutes, so you have to keep going in there and turning it on again. This backs things up! I know he'll look it up and fix it himself, because well, you don't just go buy a new dryer! Good luck with your naughty stove and dishwasher!
Marilyn, Samuel has gone to college, then veered into HVAC, and works for a small company in Virginia, doing residential furnace/water heater/a.c. repairs. He shouldn't have a problem finding work here in NY, and of course he'll secure a job before he moves. He's been in the Reserves for the last few years, only a once-a-month thing, but those soldiers do sometimes deploy, especially if you sign on for another four he's done. And BRRRRR! Stay cozy!
Joy, yes, it's crazy, last year we thought it was almost over, then had huge surges, and now it seems like it'll just always be around...I just hate the censorship, the rules, the government being so nosy...rrrr, tired of it. Paul is being absolutely cornered into getting a vax, even though he already had Covid, even though he has had A-Fib and two surgeries to get his heart back into normal rhythm. He still can't taste/smell much, yet he NEEDS a vax, per his employer. He has filed an exemption, pray it is accepted.
Linda, a little nap on a rainy day is priceless. And I'm sad about Oregon too.
BillieJo, yes, the list! I have learned to keep better track, but still find myself opening a bag and wondering who the heck it's for...
Mari, it's just going on and on...but this is our life right now, so...
Terri, they didn't have much in the way of Covid out there for such a long time, it didn't seem real to them. They are young, they will be okay, but it's still so sad we had to cancel...well, postpone, we'll try again!

Joybells said...

Praying, Della. :)

Barbara said...

Wow. Sorry about your cancelled trip to Oregon. I had to cancel 2 trips to Chicago in 2020 due to COVID concerns (the 2nd one when I was diagnosed with it). You are so right, that particular illness has had the power to change plans that before this pandemic would not have been changed.

Snoring dogs and rain on the roof. Sounds cozy. Celebrating the end of a military career at Texas Roadhouse. I love to go there!

16 blessings'mom said...

Thank you, Joy. I hope you guys are okay out there, we are still meeting together here with no restrictions (we had our time with that last year).
Barbara, did you recover all right? It's definitely a plan changer, ugh. Oh, we didn't actually eat at the Texas Roadhouse, they were giving free meal vouchers to the Veterans, and since I was driving, I brought Sam over there to get one, he was pleased with how nice they were about it! We drove over to Chili's but there was a line snaking out the door, so we just got our McDonalds and took it home, ha. But he did get that free BigMac. (When you grow up in a big family, it's dollar menu, so hey, a BigMac!)