summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, November 2, 2008

salvation amidst the chaos

I did not feel like getting the kids ready to go today....we went out Friday night, they were up late, then we were gone all afternoon and evening I started reasoning that I should just stay home from church with them today....and some of them were okay with it. But I just wasn't comfortable with that decision. Nobody was sick. And I felt I really need some spiritual help, which is why we go to church, isn't it? So, pretty much last minute, I gathered the nice clothes, and we somehow got out the door.

I was so thankful that I went. In our services, (Yum, Kathryn just brought me the perfect cup of coffee)....we go by what the bible says about when two or three teach, and the rest testify. So, our meetings are extremely edifying. Today we heard about how Jesus loved righteousness and hated iniquity, and he was annointed with the oil of gladness far above his companions. Just picture God, with His oil of gladness, just wanting to pour it out over all who love righteousness. And picture us, in our situations of life. We can choose whether to believe that all things are for our best, or we can grumble and complain. When we chose the first, we are annointed with the oil of gladness. That is why when we truly follow Jesus, we can be happy. Even when there are mountains of dishes, mountains of laundry, and when it just plain doesn't make sense to be happy. And it isn't just a fake happiness that we can put on. God gives grace to the humble. When I am humble, and see what I am truly like, and don't give in to my temptations, than God will bless me and give me grace. So, what really spoke to me: I don't have to wait until my house is spotless, or my kids are all in a row to be faithful. God wants me to be saved when it's busy and crazy and I feel stressed and can't think straight. It is quite a mystery, and I am thankful I have heard the gospel.....

When we got home, the kids needed lunch, Camille needed nap, ect., ect....but I asked if anyone minded if I went on my walk, so from 2:30 to 3:00 I walked.....I can think about things and straighten my mind out on these walks, and my body benefits too. The kids have two friends over, both 6 years old and they have came out and told on my kids a few times already. One is my sweet little great-niece, Grace, and the other is Carmen, a dear daughter of our friends from Norway. (her mom is sort of in labor right now for #3!!)...... Grace is an only child, but not really, as she was raised with her 6 aunts. And Carmen only has one little brother. So it is really nice for them to come over here and learn more how to get along with a bunch of kids. .I guess when you have 5 or 6 or 7 little kids trying to play school, or nurses, or whatever, they will butt heads a bit.

Tonight is a baby shower for Susan, one of Grace's aunts, my sister's daughter. She is married to Carmen's uncle, and having her first baby, and is almost finished with college. She looks so adorable. My sister has seven daughters, and the rest of them are already fighting over Susan's baby. Who isn't due to be born until next month. I am fighting with them too, by the way. I guess it's clear that we love babies.

The kids are getting pretty noisy in there. Charlotte Claire is in her nap in the next room, and Camille is sleeping across the hall. So I better think of something here, besides wishing for a huge playroom, because that won't do any good. And: I can't just send them outside, it's a bit chilly, and damp, and they would have to change their clothes before they played inside, I better go.....

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Very sweet littles you have. You gotta love em don't ya.