summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

shot day....

she got 6 shots today....6!!! She has a cold, but we have already postponed these immunizations when she had her last cold....her ears and lungs were okay. So she had her flu shot, and all of the other lovely ones. She did not like it one little bit. She weighs 21 lbs, 6 ozs., which is the 54 percentile. Just right. And Jon was 43 lbs., 43 inches tall. He also got some shots, 4, and he's all set for kindergarten. In that respect, anyway.

And because I am awful, I did drag them through the grocery store, too, while we were in the city. Just some basic groceries. Then to the video store. We haven't been in a while. We have the plan where we get them in the mail, but if the dvd is returned to the store, a free new release! And, the next one from the queue is shipped as soon as the store recieves it. And, we get non-new release movies for rent-one-get-one-free Mondays through Wednesday. And they are only 99cents to begin with. So, we got a stack of movies. Now that they have No Late Fees, we can keep them for a while.

And, because I am really awful, I went to the dollar store too. Camille had fallen asleep, so Molly waited in the van with them, and gave them a sandwich while I went in and got a few things. Then I went into BigLots, too. I had remembered it was Ben's birthday. So, he got slippers, socks, gloves, a hat.....great presents, right?

Paul took a bunch of the kids to the local rec. center pool this evening. I REALLLY wanted to go, too, but Miss Camille had those shots, and I couldn't take her to the pool, or leave her with one of the boys. She needed mommy. Plus, someone had to have a hot dinner ready for : Molly, Sam, Margaret, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja, Jonathan, and Charlotte Claire, oh, and I made sloppy joes, greenbeans, biscuits, and some chocolate chip cookies.

So, I didn't get to go on my walk today. Dr. visits are not really something that can be sacrificed. I mean, I feel like I'm living for myself when I am sweeping the floor and the baby wants me....and when I go to the bathroom, and stay in a bit extra to floss or put some lotion under my eyes, I am really selfish. There is only so much that can be squeezed into a day. And I get tired.....especially when Miss Camille is up so many times at night. As I type this I realize that I could be sweeping or flossing right now, but here I sit......hmm.

When Paul took the kids to the pool, I was here with just Benjamin, Joseph, Aaron, and Camille. We ate some cookie dough (Joe was voting for just leaving it dough, he says it's way better)...and we talked....they helped me chase Camille (although at one point, I was cooking and baking, and I suddenly thought, "where is she?", and of course she was playing in the toilet, and no, it was not flushed!.....1. The bathroom door is always supposed to be closed. 2. The toilet should always be flushed. 3. Camille should be in sight at all times....drat those boys, they were supposed to be watching her. Luckily I have that nice intuition that starts beeping loudly when a baby goes into the bathroom....

Turkeys are 49cents a pound at Wegmans! We still have a few in the freezer from last year, but I couldn't pass it up. I just hope we don't get sick of turkey before Thanksgiving again.

Just one fact about each child tonight:

Emily Anne: She worked a twelve hour shift, and came home, changed into some comfies, and had some warmed up dinner...

Abigail: She had a very long day at college, a big accounting exam is looming. One of her friends tearfully told her that her mom who has Multiple Sclerosis cannot walk anymore.....

Benjamin: It is his birthday, but he skipped out before dinner to be with his girlfriend....but he did like his new slippers (hey, he as a job, and more money than I do!)

M. : Still in Canada.....I miss her.....

Joseph: He is eating cookies.

Aaron: He likes to be on the computer. He also likes cookie dough.

Molly: She has been running about 4 and1/2 miles a day. She is a good girl.

Samuel: He liked his day off from school. I tried to get him to come to the dr. to help me today, but no, he wanted to stay home (xbox360)

Margaret: She has the most beautiful curly hair. She loaded the dishwasher, even though she HATES to.

Kathryn: She stayed up too late playing a dress-up game on the computer. She is a super-helper....

Evelyn: She gets stompy and bratty when she's tired. It takes some talking, but she usually comes around and admits she's the one who is being grouchy....

Suzanne: She played on the computer when she was supposed to be practicing her spelling. She will have to really cram to do better than last week's 60%........

Sonja: Oh, dear Sonja. She came with me today, and she got stickers for all her sisters at the dr. office. As she was taking them, another little girl, 9 years old (we "met"her earlier in the waiting room) told her that the sign said, "ONLY ONE STICKER PLEASE!!"....

Jonathan: He had his kindergarten shots today, and he didn't fuss at all. He came back from his vision and hearing test talking about the game he played about which side the "e" was on.....and he couldn't for the life of him figure out how the 9 year old girl in the waiting room knew that since he was 4 years old, he was going to school next year....he kept asking, "How did she know, how did she know?".....then, when the dr. mentioned school next year, Jon just looked at me, like HOW did HE know, TOO?

Charlotte Claire: She couldn't believe that I was going to the doctor without taking her. She was just so hopeful. She tried to get ready to go with us, and I almost caved. I am a real softy about taking them with me....but when I walked out of the office at 1:00 after my 11:00 appointment, I was glad she wasn't would have been crazy.....she loved going to the pool. And she ate here dinner so well tonight. She is a stinker though, she likes to give some dinner to Camille, and when I wasn't looking, she gave her a chocolate chip cookie.....which I had to take back...wah!

Camille: If you are a praying person, pray for her tonight. I am a bit worried about her having so many immunizations at the same time, especially when she doesn't feel so great. She had:
1. Diptheria
2. Tetanus
3. Pertussis
4. Polio
5. Measles
6. Mumps
7. Rubella
8. Rotavirus
9. Pneumoccal
10. Varicella (chicken pox)
11. Hib
12. Flu shot......

I wasn't so sure about the flu shot, but what if I declined and she got the flu? I am not sure about the whole government required, school system required immunization racket, but I sure as heck am not going to just let them get whooping cough....

Anyway, I think she has alot of "stuff" in her system, and she is so little.....after she played in the potty, and Ben took off her shirt and washed her up, she still had all her little band-aids on, she looked so pathetic....

Oh well, the mom needs some sleep....the days go by too fast.....I very seriously wish I could go through today all over again. Wouldn't I take just a bit more time with each kid, just be a bit more gentle? Listen more patiently.....


Cassandra said...

Aww poor miss Camille, i hope her shots dont affect her too much, in fact i really hope she is like Bailey and is so tired from it all that she sleeps all the way through the night;-)

Peta said...

I hope Camille sleeps well for you. Samuel just had his 'big boy' shots too, hope Jonathon handled it aswell as he did.

Joni said...

I just LOVE your style. I love reading how you love your family. I think if we knew each other we could be friends, and I would learn lots of positive things from you! I'm from a family of 11, my hubby is from a family of 7, and we have 7 kids (so far!) Of course I'm not the wonderful mother I thought I would be back in the days when I knew how to raise kids! But I couldn't have known the depth of love I would have for each one - and the guilt feelings, or feelings of regret (so familiar when you mentioned it) over not being more patient today, not taking a little more time with each one. Something I'm really trying to conscientiously do - ignore the house and read more books, etc. There's always a worry about someone, isn't there? I know the immunization worries, too. Of course you want them to be protected against the diseases, but feel guilty that they have to go through the discomfort that comes with the shots. Thanks for having such of a refreshing blog!

Darla said...

Well! I am right on my sister's tail!!! She is the one who just recently told me she had found your blog...and I told her, "Oh! I've read it once or twice and never found it again! Tell me her blog address!!!"

I don't even know what to say...I have several "favorite" blogs but when I read yours, I feel like I would be reading something my mom would have written, and something I would have felt in any given day of my child rearing (My mom died when I was eight but she was an exceptional mom with your kind of depth). In fact, I told my husband about your blog tonight as I was making supper and chuckling to myself, thinking, "Didn't I just make supper LAST night?" I made almost the identical supper as last night but instead of rice with meatballs and homemade gravy, I made rice with turkey and homemade gravy. :)

Keep writing so I can keep reading and keep getting my heart warmed!!!

Darla said...

Oh, I just reread my post and realized I sound like my child-rearing days are done, "something I would have felt..." should have said, "..something I would feel..."

And, by the way, the reason I chuckled tonight thinking about your post regarding making dinner.. my husband was just in his glories, telling one of the kids, "Mamma is making SUPPER.." then something else, I can't remember. Something like that he can't wait to eat it cause he loves my meals. But I laughed and said, "I know! It's almost a miracle. Two nights in a row!!!" Then told him about your comment.

Not like I never make anything but I'm a big leftover person the second day after a meal or make egg and cheese sandwiches in between...or something as simple (French Toast the night before last..grilled cheese or pancakes, or periodically a "fend for yourself" night, which the kids love but Hubby doesn't so much).

Kathyb1960 said...

SIX SHOTS???!!!!

OH my goodness! Why do they do that to these poor babies? I am so sorry she got so many! Please give her an extra hug!

I will be keeping her, and all of you, in my prayers.

God bless you all!

Kathy in West Texas

Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your Ben too. (I knew it was his day, I remembered from an earlier post. Kind of like Cheryl and I sharing the same number of children and an anniversary.)

Immunizations are not fun. The only one I would refuse is the one they give young girls for cervial cancer. Bad shot with bad reactions.