summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, September 2, 2011

my emily

I am proud of my grown-up kids. Some things we don't understand until we experience them. For example, I never realized how difficult it was for people to lose their parents when they were older, I didn't know it would be so painful. Obviously when a child loses a parent, it is hard, but I never thought a whole lot about how hard it would be for a middle aged person to lose parents. Anyway, Off On A Tangent, which happens to be Emily's favorite game...

Emily is 26, and she is a nurse on a busy floor in a big hospital. She is also taking 9 credit hours of classes, because she has big plans. She also finds time to do things with my younger kids whenever she can. Yesterday she picked up Mali and Sam (they both passed their Learner's Permit tests) and took them driving. She took Jonny too, and they cleaned the kitchen at church. She brought over some bras for Suze, and some high-top sneakers for Kathryn. She is good with her time, and her money. She brought me a 600+page library book, so I can read it and discuss it with her. It is fascinating so far, I just wish I could go hide somewhere and read the whole thing with a stack of cookies. But anyway, Emily is such a good girl. She is smart and funny and when she comes in, everyone is so glad to see her.

Emily is so nicely taking Margaret and Kathryn to Brunstad next year, either for New Year's conference, or the Sister's conference. Yes, she is good with her time and her money. She gives, she receives, she is happy.

Today I WAS going to go to the State Fair, but I am not going to do it. I just don't feel up to it yet. I have to take the flat tire from the minivan to town to the gargage to have it patched. We seem to be having too many flat tires around here. What other excitement will my day bring?

My poor college kids: this morning they were so tired! Joseph left by the time I got out to the kitchen at 7:30, he wasn't back from the football game at the Dome until after midnight. Mirielle and Aaron were dragging too, so I made their lunch while they ate their oatmeal. They worked at a concession stand, fundraising work for church. They went out the door as cute as can be in their hospital scrubs, white tops and navy blue bottoms, white shoes. I told Mirielle I wanted to take a picture, but she just groaned so I didn't go grab the camera. (it is so funny to hear their stories, they don't realize how lucky they are to be going to nursing school together) (I want to go with them, too).

Mali wants to get a kitten. She found some on craigslist, six weeks old, ready to go, not far from here...I told her to ask Daddy. She didn't. He thinks one cat and one dog is enough. I sort of agree, but kittens are so sweet. She says she will take care of it. ha. I have heard that before.

Okay, so I treadmilled yesterday. Twenty-one minutes. It really felt good. I am glad I have kept up my walking...but I really have to get back into working out and exercising. And eating better! I did so well yesterday, then after dinner, we all sat around the table, and got out some ice cream. One little scoop. Yum. Then just a little more, then just another spoonful...blah! It did taste so good, but blah! I need to get focused again to be radical and start losing again.

It is just so hard to resist the good stuff. Before, meaning before the pregnancy, I had the right mindset, I need to get it back. It is the mind to suffer, the mind to say NO, the mind set on getting results.

Well, my kids are cute, that's for sure. Charlotte Claire is sweeping the living room because she wants it clean, she says, and she has only yellow undies on. Suzanne and Jonathan have been playing with Zhu-Zhu pets. Camille has pretty lip-gloss that she keeps putting on. Sonja K. is playing Games To Girls on the computer. The older kids are sleeping, Camille is now cuddled up to me...yes, life is good.


cheryl said...

And here I resisted calling you all day b/c I thought you were at the fair!! I parked while Ellen was went to her classes, dozed on and off.. they were very late last night, hopefully the future games won't be on school/work nights too often!
Claire and I drove Susan, Thomas and Will to the airport today.. they are going on a splendid vacation in Maljorca (my spelling may be off, it's in Spain) with his whole family for his mother's 60th birthday. Susan is trying not to worry.. something she needs to pray about, we all do. I told her to relax, both physically and mentally.. but not spiritually, of course. I guess some of my and your girls are making brownie a la mode for the Norwegian youth arriving this evening! Sounds fun.. they seemed pretty wound up. I'm thankful for Emily, and her wonderful example, too!!

Martha said...

It was hot and crowded at the Fair. It was fun, but it was hot and crowded. I thought of you as we drove past the kid's school and when we went through Cato. One day...