summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, March 30, 2020

but I like staying at home!!!

A little bit of springtime...

Yesterday, Abigail and Jonathan and I took a little drive...we parked down the street from Molly's apartment building, and she came out with little Ophelia, the huggy bear, and little Lydia...we couldn't hug them. We talked, as Lydia danced up and down the sidewalk, keeping our distance. We left them with some gifts, a new kitty backpack with a stuffed bunny rabbit in it, and a basket full of count-down-to-Easter eggs. We labeled each egg/gift, so there's one for each day, then a cute little chocolate bunny in a bigger plastic egg, for Easter morning. We thought it would be a nice way to brighten Lydia's days...

Our next stop was at Anne and Davian's house, to drop off some treats, then to Sebastian and Linnea's, then to Ben and Ashley's. Ben was in the woods cutting firewood, Elise was napping, but we saw Ashley and little Anya, we stayed outside, they stood in their doorway. (It's so hard!). We gave them treats too, the count-down-to Easter baskets, and little backpacks and stuffed bunnies. The idea is that Lydia and Anya with Elise can FaceTime each day when they open the new egg, they get the same ones each day.

We drove around and delivered our goodies, then home...ah, home.

This morning, I talked about how Germany is doing antibody tests, so those who have immunity will be able to return to work. I suggested we get busy on that here, so things can go back to normal. Evelyn said, "No, I like staying at home!" I cannot tell you how much this warms my heart. We've been stuck here for all these days, and they all said they still like it. And this is Evelyn, who has been working and going to college and living 45 minutes from here, for quite a while, now back it's nice to hear that it's been good here.

She has been amazing, I must say. She organized the pantry, and with Sonja, organized the homeschool/art supplies, and cleaned out the game closet. Are we the only family with SEVEN game of Monopoly? Sponge Bob version, StarWars edition, etc.

Yesterday Jonathan grilled chicken breast outside, we made roasted asparagus, some cauliflower and green beans, and a big pan of roasted sweet potato fries, and some Basmati rice. Tonight's plan: leftover grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese and some cauliflower and cheese (frozen cauliflower!), and maybe some Buffalo cauliflower.

It is rather sweet to have so many of us together for so long...we puzzled last night:

Two piece don't fit in right! We did the entire puzzle yesterday, spent so much time trying to figure out the last few pieces, finally concluded that two pieces aren't cut right. It was a fun puzzle though!!

We have lots more in the closet...and Mr. President has just suggested we maintain social distancing for another 30 days...


Marilyn said...

Hi Della! Your house looks so lovely and cheerful and very springy. Mine needs to be livened up a bit. When my hubby goes for groceries on our first day out of isolation.....Wednesday.......I want a BIG bunch of lovely, colourful flowers. He’s going to go alone, as it is suggested the aged.....that’s us.......with underlying health issues....that’s me, stay in as much as possible. I just love what you did for all those little people in you life! You are such a lovely person 🥰 Those little people and their parents will have so much joy opening up their goodies every day. I miss the days of little grands, I really do. Oh poop........I see little snow flakes coming down! We can’t let a few snow flakes get us down though........we live in Alberta where it has been to snow every month if the year at some time. The Rocky Mountains are in Alberta, so it can snow there in the summer 🙄 Have a great day.........

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦

T.L. said...

you're like the Easter Santa making a round :)

Regina said...

I like staying home too. Your home looks so nice and cheerful. I bought some fake roses at Dollar Tree yesterday to replace the ugly fake fern that was in the planter when we bought our house. Actually the fern was quite pretty when we moved in but apparently birds had been stealing the leaves for building nests. Now we have birds stealing pieces of our bedroom window screen for building nests.
Well enjoy your day!