summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, December 18, 2021

merry Christmas everyone!


Some presents are under our beautiful Christmas tree!
Today was a good was damp and chilly and dark and rainy-ish, but it turned to snow and looked so absolutely Christmas-y!  Sonja, Charlotte Claire and Camille were at their Christmas party/sleepover with their friends, and Jonathan went out to our church property to work on the winter projects.  Paul, Mariel, and I went to one of the apartments we are going to rent out.  The guy moved out, and left it a bit messy.  We've painted it, Mariel cleaned the oven and stove, and we painted the cabinets.  When we're done I'll post a before/after.  (The kitchen cabinets were white, but had gotten quite grubby and yucky, we painted them with Benjamin Moore Brittany Blue, which goes nice with the walls, which are painted Cotton, by Sherwin Williams). New floors will be installed, new blinds, a new shower curtain, we'll clean out the refrigerator, and scrub the bathroom, and it'll be done.  

We came home, the girls were here, and Paul grilled some of his venison, and a steak from that piece of cow we bought in the spring, oh so good!  The girls had made a barbecue chicken pizza, it had just come out of the oven when we walked in the door.

After dinner, we made the five pounds of fudge recipe from the back of the fluff jar.  Five pounds!

Tomorrow is our church Christmas concert....with desserts.  Heaven help me, it's a rough time of the year for those who cannot afford to eat sugar!  Tonight, I had maybe 20 Hershey kisses...oops.  I only had a tiny little taste of fudge though....tomorrow, I'm wiring my mouth shut. 

We're planning a small, teeny, amazing little Florida trip...the older girls are so kind to include me in their vacation plans.  They would like to go to Phoenix, but we're thinking Florida because Grandma is there, and she loves our visits.  Planning the trip is half the fun.  Linda, when you move down there, I'll visit you!  :)



Linda said...

Wait, apartment? I am so lost (nothing new, grin). You better visit us or we will meet somewhere in the middle, grin. smiles

Mari said...

It looks very pretty! And my mouth needs to be wired shut too. Good thing the sweets season will soon be done!

Terri D said...

Where in Florida?!! I'm here too! Your tree looks great! I still have to bag a few things. Time is getting short!! Happy Christmas week to you and yours!! xo

Susan said...

I too am wondering about the apartment. Is this for your church visitors or maybe for a family venture? There is always something going happening with your family!♥️♥️♥️

16 blessings'mom said...

Linda, it is on my radar to meet you one of these days...and the apartment...wait, Mari, I made it through yesterday only tasting one little taste of the cookies I made last minute, but then in the evening after dinner, I did have those amazing Hershey Kisses, I am such a creature of habit, easy to make habits, hard to break habits...Terri, we're not sure yet, but we do want to visit Grandma in Zephyhr Hills, so we'll be in your neck of the woods...I'll let you know dates when we get it finalized, so we can go out for a coffee or something.
Susan, the apartment: several years ago, Paul and I took out some loans and bought some houses to rent out. I cannot go into details, but this venture was extremely costly for us, we lost a LOT of money. We've turned things around with the help of a few of our son-in-laws, we've sold a few and are renovating the rest and renting them out, hoping to get at least on even keel again. It is a LOT of work to clean up an apartment, this particular one was vacated and left in poor shape. The flooring will be replaced with nice waterproof vinyl, and we're painting it with good quality paints, Mariel cleaned the stove so it looks like new, and will next be tackling the refrigerator. There is a lack of rental properties, and we want ours to be really nice for people....

Krysta said...

My daughter goes to college in Saint Leo which is right next to Zephyrhills, i love to visit her!