summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

it's just sad....


Well, not sad for THEM, but wah, I drove Camille Anaya and Jonathan Robert to the airport at four fifteen this morning.  They are heading to California for almost two weeks!  It's way too long!  Miss Cam has her violin on her back, and has books to do school when she's there.  but poor me...I'm just going to miss them so much!

I babysat for this little darling yesterday.  She is too much fun.  We played Barbies, and did crafts, and played play dough...then her mama got home from her appointment, and we hadn't even played Candyland yet!
Anya got off the school bus right as we were cleaning up the play dough, so I stayed and played Candyland with both of them.  Good time, they are such blessings.

This is the traffic light I got for Wulf.  It didn't come with the whistle, thankfully.  It's about two feet tall, so it's rather cool.

 Suzanne is on her way over to visit me.  I'm excited about this, I don't see her enough these days.  And tomorrow, Molly is coming over with little Ophelia.  

We are having a big Christmas celebration for the kids this Sunday, at church, so I have things to do for that.  I have gifts to wrap, and a few things to make, and I am doing a cookie frosting booth, so I have to make the cookies, and the's all very fun and exciting, there is nothing like children's joy at Christmas time!

Most of my shopping is online this year, so boxes come trickling in.  There are some I haven't gotten anything for yet, I need to move on that.  I saw on a large family post the idea to have a cardboard box for each kid, in your room, and every time you get them something, just put it in the box with their name on it.  Well, can you imagine me with sixteen boxes in my room?  It IS a good idea though.    As it is, I have two big boxes from Target sitting in the living room, we are starting to use them as tables, ha.

So I got back from the airport around 5:30, it was still dark out, I did consider staying up....ahh, hours of darkness and quiet, and I have some library books...but nah, I crawled back into my comfy bed, and shh, I slept until after eight!  I had asked Charlotte Claire if she minded if I wasn't up when she got on the bus this morning, she understood...I try not to do that very often though.  

I was super thankful it wasn't snowing here when I was driving down the highway in the dark this morning.  I don't much like driving with tractor trailers in the first place, but when it's snowing, no thank you!  As I get older, I find I dread driving in the dark more and more.  I actually had to pray to be at rest this morning, I got so angsty about the airport run, as if I haven't done that drive dozens and dozens if not a hundred times...but it was fiiiiiiine, as my son Benjamin likes to say.  

Have a really good day, and welcome December!!!!


Terri D said...

You are such a busy woman. Airport runs in the dark... yikes. Glad you got home and crawled back into bed!! It is that most wonderful time of the year! xo

Unknown said...

Hi Della! Your house will be so quiet for a couple of weeks, won’t it? You will have to see those grandchildren 🥰🥰 Elise is a darling, isn’t she? I’m sure she enjoyed her time with grandma 🥰 Hopefully you will be so busy the time will fly by. I had to get up early yesterday morning and in the afternoon I lay back in my Lazyboy chair and sawed off logs for almost 1 1/2 hours😴😴 Oh my! Have heaps of fun with the cookies………how could you not have fun!

Marilyn from Canada 🇨🇦