summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

on the walls he left nothing but hooks, and some wire....

 Oh, I dread the un-decorating part!  Our house is so absolutely cozily Christmas-y!  It's cheerful, and it's warm, and it's too soon to take it down!  How does one even decorate in January?   

It's not happening today, Samuel and Grace are coming tomorrow night, and we have to leave it decorated a bit longer, right?  

Margaret had the day off yesterday, so that meant:  Target!  Wulf was my little friend, with his special drink.  He only consumed a few inches of it, but he certainly enjoyed it.
Random Christmas shots:  Miss Char got an Apple Watch!  She was shocked.
Evelyn Joy and Sonja Kathleen...good friends, together again, as Miss Ev is home from Seattle now.
Camille, Abigail, Jon on the couch, and Benjamin...
Sonja, Emily, Char, Margaret and Adrian...(at Ben's house)
Anya and Elise, Margaret and Wulf

Elise, Camille, me on the couch, and Suzanne and Tennyson (and Suri!) on the floor..
I stole this pic from Emily....
And, some cuddly critters....too cute.

Yesterday was a good day, I visited Margaret for a bit, stayed with Wulf (and Evelyn) while Tennyson had a check up.  I totally spoiled the boys in TJ MAXX, as I had them while Margaret looked for some gifts for a Canadian friend who is having a baby.  I bought Wulf a remote control car, and Tennyson a boat for the bathtub.  I know, it was JUST Christmas, but sometimes you just gotta be Gramma!

We got a package of chicken in Target with the $3 off coupon, so we made some excellent air fryer chicken for dinner.  You just cut it into cubes, sprinkle with seasonings, and cook it in little batches.  We put some dill, and salt and pepper, it tased almost like Chik-fil-a.  Margaret makes this sauce by boiling brown sugar with hot sauce, and a splash of water, it's so good.  

Today the girls are going to the mall with Evelyn, and I'm staying home...I think.  I might try to tag along.  I'm going out to church this afternoon, the youth are having a special conference/camp/celebration tonight and I'll help in the kitchen.  

Tomorrow, Anya and Elise are coming over while their mama goes to an appointment, and I have a surprise for them, a holiday edition of Candyland.  Elise and I can play several games in a row, and we have two different boards, with different cards, so now we'll have even more!  I love the time spent with them, the older you get the more you see how temporal everything is, you just have to stop and enjoy the moments!  

Ah well, stay warm...mostly stay warm in your heart.  


Terri D said...

Decorations can stay up as long as you want them! Turn the tree into a Valentine's Day Tree!! I love seeing all the kiddos crowded around the rooms and the pets even cuddling!! Blessings!

kharking said...

Christmas stays until January 6th at our house. I save the snowflakes, pinecones, winter, etc. decorations for after Christmas so that we have something to replace the holiday specific decor and it doesn't look so bare. I love the glittery, silvery mantle with white lights.